Factory Resetting Poly Edge E Series Phones

Factory Default Reset:


1. Power the phone on. Depending on the Edge E model, the Handsfree and Headset buttons should illuminate. 




2. When the lights turn off, press the 1, 5, and 3 keys at the same time. Hold them until a menu pops up asking to enter a password.



3. Enter the phone MAC address that is found on the back of the phone (ex: 0004f28619dc). 

If the MAC address contains letters press the first button on the left at the bottom of the screen to choose the correct mode for entering the letters.  The button will change to one of the following when you press it: 

1 -> Aa when entering numbers

A -> a1 when entering capital letters

a -> 1A when entering lowercase letters


Example:  to enter a lowercase “c” you will press the button until it shows a -> 1A.  Then to enter the “c” in your MAC address you will press the 2 button on the key pad three times to get to the “c” (a,b,c).




4. Press Ok after entering the MAC address. The phone will reboot 3 or 4 times over the next 5-10 minutes. Do not press any keys during this time! Just wait for the phone to go through the whole process.