Virginia Tech Google Shared Drive


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Google shared drives are a way to store and access files with a team. For more detail, refer to this Google Support page. *


Viewing Shared Drives

  1. Log into Google Drive at with your email address and passphrase.
  2. In the left menu column, under the New button, click the Shared drives icon.

    Shared Drive Button

  3. If someone has added to you to a shared drive, you will see it here.
  4. To create a shared drive, in the left menu column, click the New button.

Using the Drive for desktop Syncing Application with Shared Drive

The Google Drive for desktop application can be installed on your computer and used to access and sync a Google shared drive.

For more information on Drive for desktop and instructions on installing and using it, see Google's Use work or school files on your computer with Drive for desktop page or the Understanding Google's File Sync Solution Knowledge Base article

If you are not signed into your Virginia Tech Google account when viewing that page, you will see generic information and text about signing into your account to view the page.

As seen on that page, the installers can be downloaded at:

Setting or Changing Access Restrictions / Permissions

  1. While viewing a specific shared drive, under the name of the shared drive, click the # people link or the Manage members button located below the profile picture.

    Manage Member buttons

  2. In the window that appears, the Add people and groups field, type the name or email of the person or group to added.

    Add members to shared drives

  3. For each person whose access you want to set, to the right of the person's name, from the drop-down list, select the desired role.

    Assign roles to members

    Choose role assignment

  4. When you are finished making changes, click Done to save your changes.

Done button


*The university generally discourages the purchase of third-party storage options such as Dropbox because already has options in place with OneDrive and Google Drive and many of these options, including Dropbox, are not approved for use.