Requesting Delegated Organizational Unit Administrator Privileges Using the Hokies Domain


This article describes how to request delegated Organizational Unit (OU) administrator privileges for yourself using the Hokies domain.


In order to request delegated privileges, you must

  1. Make sure you are a member of the specific OU. If you are not, contact the OU admin to get added to the group. The OU admin can move you into the group using the instructions, "How to request to move an account between OUs", at Using the Collaborative Computing Solutions Admin Tool (CAT).
    1. Requesting to be made an administrator of a Hokies OU does not automatically cause a Central Services OU to be created for that person's department. To request a Central Services OU, please use the Central Services Domain (CSD) Service Catalog entry.
  2. Get added to the Auth Database by submitting an incident to 4Help.