Checking and Improving SPOT Response Rates


Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) Evaluations are run using Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES), formerly EvaluationKIT, an external tool that is on Canvas. Evaluation results are sent to instructors' and administrators' SPOT area in Canvas. Historical SPOT results were moved to instructors' Personal Files area in Canvas and are stored in the course evaluation data warehouse.

SPOT data is imported from Canvas. If someone is listed as a Teacher in a Canvas site, they will be evaluated in SPOT. Canvas Teacher listings are imported from Banner, but Teachers in Canvas sites can also add other teachers. It doesn't matter if you use Canvas in your classes or not, SPOT data still comes from Canvas.

SPOTs are completely automatic. Instructors and departments do not need to do anything for SPOTs to run. However, some courses are excluded from SPOT per departmental request. For more information on course exclusion, see Fixing Missing Evaluation/Course Excluded from SPOT.

This article covers checking and improving your SPOT response rates. For other topics pertaining to SPOT Evaluations, please refer to the main article, Using SPOT - Guide for Department Administrators and Instructors.



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Checking SPOT Response Rates

Checking Response Rates for Open SPOTs

  1. Navigate to the Course Evaluations & Survey site and log in. See Logging in and Viewing Courses in SPOT if you'd like to log in through Canvas.

  2. On the CES top menu, click Results -> Response Rate Tracker.

  3. The Project Response Rates page defaults to displaying response rates for current, open SPOT evaluations. If no SPOTs are open, it'll be empty. 


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Checking Response Rates for Past SPOTs

  1. Navigate to the Course Evaluations & Survey site and log in. See Logging in and Viewing Courses in SPOT if you'd like to log in through Canvas.

  2. Set Status to Ended and click Search to see a list of projects, one for each past semester, and a combined response rate for all of that semester's courses.

  3. Click on a project to view response rates for individual courses. 

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Improving SPOT Response Rates

Tell Students about SPOT

  • Show students how to log into SPOT in Canvas.
    • Quick instructions: Log into Canvas. Click Account --> Profile and then SPOT.
    • Full instructions: See the Guide for Students.
  • Share examples of how you have modified class content or instruction based on student feedback.
  • Teach students what it means to provide constructive feedback (e.g., keep your comments narrowly focused and include suggestions for improvement).
  • Impress upon students that practicing constructive feedback is part of professional development, and it is a learned skill that will show its value long after graduation.

Provide Class Time for SPOT

  • Ask students to bring their laptops to class and give them time to complete their SPOTs.

Tell Students SPOTs are Private, Anonymous, and Confidential

  • Remind students that professors don't see SPOT results until after they submit final grades.
  • Show students the Guide for Students, where it describes how SPOTs are private, anonymous, and confidential. 


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