Residential Cable TV communications for potential inquiries

Target Audience



Provide an accurate, consistent response for customer facing staff to tell residential student customers that inquire about the lack of Cable TV availability in residence halls and why it was removed. 

The explosive growth of internet streaming services has changed how users view content. Recent surveys revealed that 80% of VT’s student residents either never or only occasionally used the television service. As such, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) elected to discontinue traditional cable television services in private student residences on the Virginia Tech Blacksburg Campus after the conclusion of the Spring 2021 academic semester.  The DSA did choose to retain services in most public television lounges.

As an alternative, NI&S is in the process of providing an IPTV streaming subscription service for on campus users including residents. It will consist of all the channels that are currently provided over traditional CATV. We expect the service to be available for the Spring 2022 semester. More information will be made available in the future


Faculty/staff residents can work with the DSA to order the CATV service for their residence.

This option will not be available to student residents.

IPTV service will be available to all Faculty/Staff and residents.