Ensuring Spam gets forwarded along with valid email


This article describes how to ensure that spam from your Virginia Tech Gmail account is accessible when you set up forwarding to a different account. You want to do this so you can periodically review your spam to ensure all legitimate emails are reaching you.




Creating a Filter

These directions will only forward new spam that arrives after the filter is set. It will not affect email messages that are already marked as spam.

If you are forwarding to your Virginia Tech Exchange Online account, then the email forwarded as a result of this filter could arrive in the Junk Email folder of your Virginia Tech Exchange account.

  1. Log on to VT Gmail by following the instructions at How to Access Your VT Gmail.
  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, click the Settings button which is represented by a gear.

    Click the Settings button.
  3. From the drop-down list that appears, select the See all settings link.

    Select Settings.
  4. In the settings menu. select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab link.

    Click the Filters link
  5. In the area that says, "The following filters are applied to all incoming mail", click the Create a new filter link.

  6. Locate the "Has the words" text box. Type: in:spam.

  7. Click the Create filter button at the bottom of that window.

  8. To confirm the action of creating the filter, click the OK button.

    Click OK.
  9. Select the checkbox beside Never send it to Spam.

  10. Click the Create filter button.

    Image of Never send it to spam.

Video Tutorial

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Configuring Desktop Email to View Both Accounts

One method to manage spam in your desktop email client is to configure your client to access both your VT Gmail account and the account to which you are forwarding. To configure a desktop client to access VT Gmail, see Checking VT Gmail through Secondary Applications.

By configuring your client to access both your VT Gmail account and the account to which you are forwarding, you can view the spam in your VT Gmail account by clicking on the Spam folder.

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