Receiving an "Exchange Server Requires You Allow It to Remotely Control Some Features" Message


This article explains what to do after connecting your Android device to your Exchange account and receiving a prompt that says:

"The server requires that you allow it to remotely control some security features of your phone. Do you wish to finish setting up this account?"


First, click OK.

You will be unable to connect your device to your Exchange calendar or email until you accept this security warning. If you decline or avoid the required security changes, the "Update Security Settings" screen will appear.

Depending on the characteristics of your device, the details of the warning message may differ, but the notification may include any of the following:

These are features provided and required by all Exchange servers and can be used to erase the data remotely to protect your personal data. This is normal behavior for Exchange servers and does not reflect a Virginia Tech policy. The security warning is the Android operating system’s way of alerting you to the technical abilities of the Exchange server.