Virginia Cooperative Extension Storefront Guide and FAQ


The VCE Storefront is used to order printed copies of VCE Publications, VCE branded products and to order printed copies of your own custom documents.



You must request access to the VCE Storefront by contacting:




Ordering Guide

Note: You must request access to the VCE Storefront by contacting:


1. Login to the VCE Storefront by navigating to:

You will automatically be redirected to the Virginia Tech Login service to enter your login information.


2. If this is the first time you have logged in, you must setup a shipping address:

I. Click on My Account, then Shipping Add...

II. In the upper right, click on Add New Shipping Address.

III. Fill out the required information and click Save.

Add new shipping address


3. Find items to purchase by either browsing by Category or by typing the name of the item in the search field.

Search options



4. Once you find the item you want to order, you may preview it by clicking on Quick View to see the product information and a thumbnail version.  You can then click on the thumbnail to view the entire document or a larger image of the item.

Quick View and Thumbnail


5. Once you verify the item you want to order, click on Select

6. Enter the quantity desired, and click Continue.

7. You will be taken to the Summary Page.  Review the summary of the order and when ready click on Add to Cart.

8. Once the item is added to the cart, you may click Check Out or continue to add other items.


9. To place your order, on the Check Out screen:

I. Cost Center: Choose the Org Code to bill the order to.

II. Verify the Shipping Address is correct for this order.

III. Check the box to Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

IV. Submit the order by clicking on Submit Order.


10. Once the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from  Proceed to the next section, How to pay for the order through HokieMart


How to pay for the order through HokieMart


1. After placing an order in the Office Depot Storefront, you should receive a confirmation email from
Note: As soon as you receive the confirmation email from Office Depot, you MUST go to HokieMart to process the requisition.
Make note of the Office Depot Reference Number.
Order Email Example



2. Login to HokieMart ( and click on the Non-Catalog Item form.

Non-catalog item


3. On the Non-Catalog Item form:

I. Select Office Depot Inc.
II. Confirm the address is Columbia, MD
III. Type the description of the item and the Office Depot Reference Number (found on the confirmation email).

Non-Catalog Form



4. Click on the Shopping Cart icon and then click the View My Cart button. View My Cart


5. On the Shopping Cart page, scroll to the Product Description section.
 On the right, click the Select Contract link.
Shopping Cart


6. The only contract you should see and select is:
VTS-844-2018 (Print and Document Services)
Once selected, click the OK button.


7. You will see the contract listed in the Product Description section.
NOTE: The contract should appear on every line of products ordered. If not, repeat the last two steps.
Once completed, click Proceed to Checkout.
Product Description


8. Complete the requisition process normally. 
NOTE: In the shipping section change the Delivery Options to User Will Deliver.

How to access the shared Unit Office or Departmental email to retrieve invoices

Note: Request access to the mailbox by contacting Melanie Rader:

Find the email box for your location, then follow the instructions for configuring Outlook to connect to a shared mailbox.

A shared Exchange mailbox has been setup for each CALS Department, 4-H Center, AREC and VCE office:
Note: Email cannot be sent from these mailboxes, they can only receive email.

VCE Unit Offices

VCE Unit Offices continued

4-H Centers



CALS Departments




Can I get a publication loaded for everyone that I don’t see on the Storefront?

Contact Melanie Rader:


Where do I direct questions regarding VCE Storefront orders?

Contact Melanie Rader:


Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box?

No, Office Depot can only ship to physical addresses.


Can I have publications printed on different colored paper?

You can only print on another color of paper if you download a copy of the publication and use the Upload & Print function.


How do I get help using the Upload & Print feature?

This feature allows you to upload any document and order copies.
Contact Melanie Rader: and she will assist with the process.


Can I use my own photos on items such as customizable posters?

On items that contain an option to add a photo you may use your own. However, if the option isn’t available, then that is a static template and does not have a custom photo option available.

Can I order two one sided documents to be printed double sided?

You can upload each document into the Upload and Print category. The files will be merged into one PDF for printing.

Can I see prices before I add them to my cart?

Pricing is based on components (i.e. paper color, weight, finishing etc.), there are too many variables to display an estimated cost before adding to your cart.

Is it possible to change the shipping address for individual items within an order?

No, separate orders will need to be placed for different shipping addresses.

Can I split an order with another unit and ship half of it to that unit?

No, separate orders will need to be placed for different units and shipping addresses.

I have placed an order, where is my order confirmation?

Depending upon the product(s) you order, confirmations may take up to 4 hours to receive. Check your junk mail for a message from

I placed an order but haven’t received a confirmation email and have checked by junk mail?

If you ordered an item that requires approval, you will not receive an email until it is accepted or rejected.
If you ordered a VCE branded product, confirmation will take 4-8 hours after submitting the order.

What items need approval?

I’m logged into the Storefront and it seems to be locked up?

The application times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Since we use the VT sign on feature, the storefront can’t alert you to inactivity. Please log out and log back in.

Can I cancel my order if a wrong item is purchased or other necessary reason?

Contact Melanie Rader: as soon as possible with your confirmation email. There is a very narrow window to get it cancelled, but we can try.

What if I receive the incorrect items or there is a problem with my order?

Contact Melanie Rader: as soon as possible.

How do I receive my invoice?

Invoices are emailed to your Department, 4-H, AREC, or VCE Unit email box. See:
How to access the shared Unit Office or Departmental email to retrieve invoices

I have my department mailbox set up but haven’t received my invoice, what do I do?

Invoices usually take 2-5 days to generate after you receive your shipment. Please check your junk mail for a message from and mark as not junk.

If I receive multiple invoices how do I know which order to pay?

Invoice Example

Can you explain the paper options in “copiers & flyers”?

12pt gloss cover
10pt gloss cover
8pt gloss cover

Glossy card stock but only glossy on one side. The higher the number, the heavier the paper.

Re-entry red, 24#, text
Terra green, 24#, text
Fireball Fuchsia, 24#, text
Solar yellow, 24#, text
Galaxy gold, 24#, text
Lunar blue, 24#, text
Rocket red, 24#, text
Cosmic orange, 24#, text
Gamma green, 24#, text
Pulsar pink, 24#, text
"Brite" color paper. 24# is a slightly heavier than standard 20# paper.
White, 24#, text
This is a slight upgrade from your everyday standard 20# paper. It's the default option for
printing in color as opposed to 20# white for black & white printing.
White, 80# gloss cvr
White, 80# gloss txt
These are glossy on both sides. The text version is light weight like standard sheets of paper and the cover is a card stock.
Canary, 20#, text
Blue, 20#, text
Goldenrod, 20#, text
Pink, 20#, text
Green, 20#, text
Ivory, 20#, text
Standard pastel color paper. Typically used for black & white printing only.
White, 28#, text
This is an upgrade from standard 24# and is the heaviest matte paper before you get to card stocks.
Terra green, 65#, card
Cosmic orange, 65#, card
Re-entry red, 65#, card
"Brite" color card stock.
White, 110#, cardstock
Ivory, 110#, card
Green, 110#, card
Blue, 110#, card
Canary, 110#, card
Pastel color card stock. Heaviest non-gloss card stock Office Depot OfficeMax carries.