Connecting to VT Open WiFi as a Guest for Wireless Internet


How do I connect to the VT Open WiFi wireless network and get Internet access as a guest or visitor?



  1. First, is the eduroam wireless network available at your home institution?
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    If so, connect to the eduroam network here at Virginia Tech.
    (The eduroam wireless network is provided to visitors from other participating institutions at your own risk and with no guarantee that the service will be available at any time or that it will suit any purpose. You are bound to your home institution's acceptable use policy.)
    Contact your home institution for instructions, configuration settings, and support.

  2. If not, you may connect to the VT Open WiFi network. VT Open WiFi is provided as an amenity and convenience for university guests and has no guarantees of service performance or availability. Not all Virginia Tech resources are reachable from the VT Open WiFi network. Use of the VT Open WiFi network implies that the user has agreed to abide by Virginia Tech’s Acceptable Use Policy.
    1. On your mobile device or computer, connect to the VT Open WiFi wireless network.
    2. Upon a successful connection, you are free to use the Wi-Fi responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who to Contact about Getting a Sponsored Eduroam Account

Contact an Information Technology representative in the Virginia Tech department that you are visiting.

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