Identifying File Ownership in Google Drive


This article covers how to identify files not owned by you such as those owned by

  • A former employee or
  • Someone whose Google account or Drive service may be going away

You must know the PID of the individual. Knowing this information can help prevent the files from being deleted. This search will be from your VT Google Drive perspective and will find files/folders owned by others that reside inside your folders, files/folders that are shared with you owned by the other person [Shared with me], and shared drives. You can’t search across other individual's VT Google Drives.

It also describes how to locate files owned by you regardless of location.


Owned by someone else

Open VT Google Drive. Type owner: These will pick up all files in My Drive, shared drives, and files shared with you owned by this individual. To limit the search further, use the advanced search located at the right of the Search bar.

Owned by me

The best way to do this is the click on Storage at the bottom of your Navigation menu on the left. This will show files you own (and that go against your storage allocation) regardless of location.



Google Workspace Program Search Term: GWP