Checking Available Storage in SharePoint Online and Teams


This article explains how to check the available, or remaining, storage for a SharePoint Online (SPO) Site, Site Collection, or a Team in Microsoft Teams.

In reference to Microsoft Teams Storage, files and folders that you store in a Teams channel are housed in the SPO Site associated with your Team (for example, if you have a Team named “IT Conference” anything shared in any channel in your IT Conference team will be stored in the IT Conference SharePoint Site). To check your available Teams storage, you will need to check the corresponding SPO Site storage by following the instructions in this article.

To see this information for your SPO Site or Site Collection, you must be an owner of that site.



  1. Log in to Microsoft 365.
  2. Click on the SharePoint icon. To see an expanded list of applications, click on All Apps in the bottom left corner of the page

  3. Navigate to the SPO site.
  4. Click Site contents on the left menu pane.
    Sharepoint site contents button
  5. Select Site settings at the top right corner.
    Sharepoint Site Settings Button
  6. Under Site Collection Administration, select Storage Metrics.
    Storage Metrics Link
  7. On this page, you will see your total storage usage as “#.## GB free of #.## GB”. In addition, is a list of different folders with their information, including the size of the asset and the last date of modification.
    Sharepoint Metrics

Your department may request additional storage for its Microsoft Team, SPO Site, or SPO Site Collection when nearing the initial one terabyte (TB)/1000 (GB) maximum by submitting a request using the Additional Storage for Teams or SharePoint Service Catalog item.

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