Exporting Email

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This article describes how to export one or more email folders within


It can be useful to export data for the purposes of archiving, backing up, or importing to another program.

Exporting from Outlook

Before you can export your email, you need to make sure it is all in the local cache on your computer. Once you have updated your settings, it can take many hours to download your email.

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop. This will not work with the Outlook Web App.
  2. Click on the File menu item.

    Outlook File Tab

  3. Click on Account Settings.

    Account Settings button in File Menu

  4. Click on Account Settings again.
  5. Select your account.

    Dialog on Email tab with your account listed and checked

  6. Select Change...

    Accounts Settings with account selected and clicking on change

  7. Slide the Offline Settings slider till it says "All".
    The Cache Settings slider slid to All
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Done.

    CCS Account Settings updated dialog

Once all of the email that you wish to export is cached to your local system, you can export it as a *.pst file.

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop. This will not work with the Outlook Web App.
  2. Click File.

    Outlook File Tab

  3. Click Open & Export.

    Open and Export Item

  4. Click Import/Export.

    Import Export Option

  5. Select the Export to a file option.

    Outlook Data File Option

  6. Click the Next button.

    Next button

  7. Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.

  8. Click Next.

    Next button

  9. Select the folder you want to export with any relevant filters and options.

    Folders to export

  10. Click Next.

    Next button

  11. Set any options as required or accept defaults for the file name and location and how to handle duplicates.

    File options

  12. Click Finish.

    Finish button

  13. If an extra layer of security is required, you can secure the file with a password, else click the Cancel button.

    Optional Password

  14. Locate the *.pst file in the location you set. 

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Exporting from Gmail

  1. Log into the Gmail account.
  2. Go to the Download your data page.
  3. Google products that have your data are automatically selected. To only download email, select the Deselect All link.

    Deselect All link

  4. Scroll down till you find Mail and select the Mail checkbox.

    Mail checkbox

  5. Click on the All data included button to select which data to include in the export.

    All data included button

  6. Select which data to include.

    Data inclusion list

  7. Click the Ok button.

    Ok Button

  8. Select the Next step button.

    Next Step button

  9. Select your options for type, frequency, and destination, or accept defaults. Make sure to note which Delivery method you chose.

    Delivery options

  10. Click the Create export button.

    Create export button

  11. You will receive an email confirmation of your request.

    Email confirmation

  12. The request can take several hours or days to complete. You will receive an email once the request is complete. Contents of email will vary depending on the chosen Delivery method. Example shows the Send download link via email option.

    Export Complete Message