COE - Finding Recent Files in 'Shared with me'


The amount of files in 'Shared with me' can be overwhelming. Some files that have been shared with you may be important to back up, while others may not be as important. You are going to have to determine your own risk tolerance for losing data, and choose whether to go through every file one by one. In many cases, the files that you use the most often (and are likely important to you) will be your most recently modified files. By filtering your 'Shared with me' using the Date Modified, you can bring up a list of your most recently modified files.



Step 1 - Finding Your Recently Modified Files

  1. Navigate to 'Shared with me' in your Virginia Tech Google Drive.
  2. Choose the 'Modified' drop down menu.
  3. Choose a date range to view.

'Shared with me' section of Google Drive, with the 'modified' filter drop down menu shown

  1. The filter will automatically apply when you click it.

OR create a custom date range by:

  1. Choosing the 'Modified' dropdown menu.
  2. Select 'Custom date range' at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Choose your desired date range using the calendar picking function.
  4. Click 'Apply.'

'Shared with me' modified filter menu, with custom date range picker shown

Step 2 - View Your Recently Modified List

  1. Your list of recently modified files defaults to sorting by 'Share Date.' You may keep this filter setting if you like, or change it by clicking on the dropdown menu beside the 'Shared by' column, and choosing to filter by 'Share Date,' 'Last modified,' 'Last modified by me,' or 'Last opened by me.'

Recently modified files list with filter menu shown

  1. In our previous example, we chose a custom date range, Jun 22 - Nov 16.
  2. The listed files were modified within that timeframe, so we should look at them carefully to determine which of these files are important to retain access to.