Fixing Missing Evaluation / Course Excluded from SPOT


Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) Evaluations are run using Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES), formerly EvaluationKIT, an external tool that is on Canvas. Evaluation results are sent to instructors' and administrators' SPOT area in Canvas. Historical SPOT results were moved to instructors' Personal Files area in Canvas and are stored in the course evaluation data warehouse.

SPOT data is imported from Canvas. If someone is listed as a Teacher in a Canvas site, they will be evaluated in SPOT. Canvas Teacher listings are imported from Banner, but Teachers in Canvas sites can also add other teachers. It doesn't matter if you use Canvas in your classes or not, SPOT data still comes from Canvas.

SPOTs are completely automatic. Instructors and departments do not need to do anything for SPOTs to run. However, some courses are excluded from SPOT per departmental request. For more information on course exclusion, see Fixing Missing Evaluation/Course Excluded from SPOT.

This article covers the exclusion rules for SPOT and how to add an excluded course to SPOT. When you do not see a SPOT evaluation for your course, it could be because SPOT only gets its enrollment information from official course sites, not from manually-created course sites or from official course sites cross-listed under manually-created course sites. It could also be because some courses are automatically excluded from SPOT according to a set of rules established by schools and departments. 

For other topics pertaining to SPOT Evaluations, please refer to the main article, Using SPOT - Guide for Department Administrators and Instructors.


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Fixing Missing Evaluation / Course Excluded from SPOT

Exclusion Rules

Courses not provisioned in Canvas are automatically excluded from SPOT.

Due to department requests, the following courses are excluded from Canvas and therefore from SPOT:

  • All 5904 and 6904 (graduate project and report) courses.
  • All 5964, 6864, 7864, 7944, X974 (independent study), and X994 (undergraduate research) courses.
  • All VTC, VCOM, and REG courses.

If you want to run these courses in SPOT, contact 4Help. Go to the 4Help portal, click Login and log in with your PID and PID password, then click Get Help.

The following courses have been historically excluded for all departments:

  • All x964 and x944 courses.
  • All courses with five or more instructors. These were excluded in the past to prevent survey fatigue among student respondents. Five instructors, multiplied by 20 questions per instructor, would mean each student in the course would have to answer 100 questions.
  • All courses with zero students. These surveys were excluded because they wouldn't collect any responses.

The following courses were excluded from some departments:

  • All CHEM 5004, 5894, 5904, 5914, 6904, 6914.
  • CEP 4084.
  • All EMBA and PMBA courses.
  • All VM courses.

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Adding an Excluded Course Back to SPOT

  1. Go to the 4Help portal, and log in with your PID and PID password. 
  2. Click Get Help.
  3. Enter in the course name, CRN, instructor name, and that you would like SPOT to run for the course. 
  4. Submit the incident. 
  5. Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) will respond to your request. 

If it is past the deadline to make changes to SPOT, consider using paper evaluations or QuestionPro as a SPOT alternative.

To prevent having to add excluded courses back to SPOT every semester, discuss your department's course exclusion rules with your department administrators.

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