Enterprise System Supported Applications


This KB lists applications found in OneCampus that are supported by Enterprise Systems.

Incidents involving these problems can be escalated to Enterprise Systems only after the Primary and Secondary Contacts have failed to solve the problem.



Title Description Primary Contact Secondary Contact
1098-T Tax Notification View Notification that 1098-T Tax forms have been sent by year University Bursar  
2Factor Authentication Virginia Tech uses Duo Security to ask individuals for a secondary confirmation of their identity at log-in (2-factor authentication), using a physical device in their possession. The device may be a smartphone or tablet using an app, a text message to a phone, or an automated voice call to landline or cell phones. Learn more on this page, and enroll your account now! Virginia Tech 4Help SIS
4Help Self Service Dashboard View step by step instructional knowledgebase articles, browse or search for computing services in the information technology (IT) service catalog, ask questions, get help, report issues with IT, or check on the status of issues you reported previously. Virginia Tech 4Help  
Academic Calendar Academic calendar featuring important dates for Virginia Tech's current academic year. Office of the University Registrar  
Account Summary A Summary of your account activity for all current and prior terms. To view your current Statement (e-bill), Statement History, and Account Status, please return to the University Account Information menu, select "View and Pay e-bill", and then select "View Accounts". University Bursar  
Add/Update Diploma Address Choose the degree you would like to Add/Update the address you wish to have your diploma sent to. Office of the University Registrar  
Advising Session Log Menu View, Create, and Update an Advising Session Log. View student schedules, request DARS reports, and view student transcript and FERPA information. Office of the University Registrar  
Agreements Tracker Agreements Tracking is a system used in the Virginia Tech Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Compliance offices to keep track of any agreement currently under negotiation or setup that is related to a sponsored research project.  This includes new awards and modifications for newly proposed funds (not incremental funding for previously proposed funds) and non-funded agreements such as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Master Agreement, Facilities Use Agreement, Materials Transfer, Non Disclosure Agreement, etc.  No-cost time extensions are not included. Summit Help  
AIMS AIMS is the Virginia Tech Advancement Information Management System. Enterprise Systems - Academic Applications  
AP Credit If you have taken Advanced Placement tests, check to see the credit you have been awarded. Office of the University Registrar Virginia Tech 4Help
Application for Degree Select the degree for which you wish to apply or to update information. If you are receiving multiple degrees (whether two degrees or double major), you must update each degree separately. Office of the University Registrar  
Award Management

This tool provides specific views tailored to roles within the research community. The tool assists department managers in managing sponsored research portfolios across their organization. The faculty view provides principal investigators a portfolio summary as well as a detailed view of individual awards with expenses for all funds, awards and proposal documents as well as reporting, compliance, and final invoice deadlines.

In addition to moving the Post Award process paperless, the tool provides numerous alerts as well as visibility into projects in order to provide fast, accurate, and complete program administration.

The Office of Sponsored Programs performs daily management of awards using the system, which assists them with gathering information, complying with sponsor requirements, reconciling financial information, tracking project timelines, and accurately closing out projects. Department managers benefit from access to information in order to provide rapid customer service to their faculty.  Faculty members benefit from a central portal for access to current award details, expenses, for managing, reporting and compliance as well as extensions and budget needs.
Contact your Post-Award Associate for help/information regarding this system or contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at osp@vt.edu to provide feedback.

Unsure of your Post-Award Associate? - Use the Associate Look-Up Tool.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Banner 9 Banner 9 is the most recent version of Banner featuring an improved UI and more streamlined processes
Banner is an administrative software package for use in higher education and developed by Ellucian (formerly SunGard SCT). Virginia Tech uses Banner to capture and maintain integrated data for finance, human resources, student, and financial aid systems.
Virginia Tech 4Help Enterprise Systems
Banner Document Manager

About Banner Document Management
The Banner Document Management (BDM) system integrates several enterprise applications for efficient document management. BDM is an integration of ApplicationXtender Web Access product from EMC Corporation, Banner and Banner Workflow products. 
ApplicationXtender Web Access (WX) is an excellent 'stand alone' document management system, but greater value is realized through the merging of WX with Banner and Banner Workflow. For example, a Banner Workflow can be initiated when a document is added, indexed, updated, or deleted. Users may also add or view ApplicationXtender Web Access documents directly from within Banner forms. Banner information can be passed to ApplicationXtender Web Access based on data on the current Banner Form reducing the need to manually enter index values. Document index value changes can initiate changes to Banner data or Banner Workflow as needed.
There are several solutions currently deployed that serve a variety of administrative units at Virginia Tech including the Controller's Office, Graduate School, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, College of Engineering, Student Academic Advising, Travel and Expense, Student Conduct System and others.
BDM brings value to Virginia Tech

Reduce paper based content, saving storage space, time and cost
Index, tag and securely store documents and images
Easily search and retrieve electronic documents
Route documents for review and approval
Build better business processes

Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Banner Workflow

About Banner Workflow
Banner Workflow provides the university community with the ability to manage a paperless approval process without having to route paper between offices. Banner Workflow can pass electronic documents, information, and tasks from one person to the next for action based on your department’s processing preferences. 
We currently support business automation solutions using Banner Workflow for several departments at Virginia Tech including the Graduate School, the Controller's office, and the Human Resources office. These workflows allow users to process and route requests to the appropriate approvers electronically. 
Banner Workflow brings value to Virginia Tech:

Improved Communication between all Administrative Offices
Coordination of Data Entry
Improved Accuracy and Accountability
Improved Efficiency
Better Business Process Control

Workflow can be integrated with Banner and Imaging to help manage the entire business process. When Workflow is integrated with Banner, you can:

Create and Update Banner data automatically
Launch Banner forms
Use customizable workflow electronic documents to communicate with different people in the department
Use business events (triggered by database changes) to start a workflow automatically

When Workflow is integrated with BDM (Imaging), you can create workflows when:

Documents are created through BDM
Indexes are updated for the documents

Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Blacksburg Transit Plan trips, check schedules, view routes, check fares and more for the Blacksburg Transit bus system. Blacksburg Transit  
Brookings Loan Requirements Complete your Brookings Loan Information (entrance interview, confidential questionnaire and sign your Brookings Promissory Note). Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
Budget Tuition Plan (Parent PIN) Virginia Tech is pleased to offer the Budget Tuition Plan (BTP), a convenient method of planning and budgeting tuition, fees, room, board, lab, course and software charges for the current term. The Budget Tuition Plan can cover all or part of the fall or spring semester institutional charges.  By using direct debits to your chosen payment method, the Budget Tuition Plan allows you to divide your cost into 4 monthly installments instead of paying one lump sum by the tuition payment deadline date. University Bursar  
Budget Tuition Plan (Students) Virginia Tech is pleased to offer the Budget Tuition Plan (BTP), a convenient method of planning and budgeting tuition, fees, room, board, lab, course and software charges for the current term. The Budget Tuition Plan can cover all or part of the fall or spring semester institutional charges.  By using direct debits to your chosen payment method, the Budget Tuition Plan allows you to divide your cost into 4 monthly installments instead of paying one lump sum by the tuition payment deadline date. University Bursar  
Bugle Since 1895 Virginia Tech has created a yearbook entitled The Bugle. The website includes information about getting portraits taken, advertisements/messages to be included, and the option to order the yearbook online. Bugle Yearbook  
Canvas Canvas, the VT learning management system (LMS). View information on your courses, assignments, course calendars, and grades. Virginia Tech 4Help TLOS
CAT Provides critical user and departmental data for the management, security, and support of accounts within the Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (M365) environments. Collaborative Computing Solutions  

Cayuse424 is the new web-based front end for submission of proposals to Grants.gov and also allows submission to NSF through Research.gov as an alternative to Fastlane.  It makes it easier for researchers to search for funding opportunities and provides auto-filling of faculty profiles and interactive error-checking in a streamlined interface to Grants.gov and Research.gov.

All Grants.gov submissions are required to be entered through cayuse 424.  Please contact your OSP pre-award administrator with questions and for more information.

Summit Help  
Change of Major Application Use this form to begin the Major Change process. This link only applies to undergraduates, excluding incoming freshman and transfer students. Office of the University Registrar  
Chrome River VT Travel Management System Office of the Controller  
Class Rank This lists the class rank for undergraduate students based on current overall GPA. Office of the University Registrar  
Cobblestone Cobblestone is the Information Technology Procurement & Licensing Solutions’ Contract Management System (CMS) that includes a publicly searchable website of IT Software License Agreements and other contracts for Virginia Tech by ITPALS. IT Procurment  
Collegiate Times

CollegiateTimes.com is an internationally recognized provider of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg and New River Valley breaking news and information. CollegiateTimes.com began operations in 1998 as a compliment to the print edition of the Collegiate Times and has since grown to include breaking news, multimedia, and dynamic databases. The website is staffed by dedicated student journalists, web developers and multimedia producers in 365 Squires Students Center on the Virginia Tech campus.

The Collegiate Times, Blacksburg's oldest newspaper, was established in 1903 at Virginia Tech. It began as a sports-oriented newspaper but has grown into a student-run, bi-weekly publication covering campus news, features, sports and opinions.

The paper is published on Tuesdays and Fridays of the academic year, except during exams and breaks, and has a circulation of 7,000 with a readership of more than 26,000. The Collegiate Times maintains its offices in Squires Student Center. Collegiate Times advertising is managed by College Media Solutions.

The Collegiate Times holds membership in the Associated Collegiate Press, the Virginia Press Association, Southern University Newspapers, College Media Advisers, and the College Newspaper Business and Advertising Manager Association.

The Collegiate Times is a division of the Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech Inc., a student-run corporation also consisting of the Bugle, WUVT, VTTV, SPPS, College Media Solutions, and Silhouette.

Collegiate Times  
Confidentiality Options Edit your profile information to make it public or confidential Office of the University Registrar  
Confluence for Enterprise Systems Confluence is team collaboration and knowledge management system. Confluence gives your team one place to share, find, and collaborate on information they need to get work done.
It is a simple and powerful tool that has evolved into part of an integrated collaboration platform, and has been adapted work in conjunction with JIRA and other Atlassian software products.
Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Connection Job Fair

The only Virginia Tech job fairs sponsored by Career Services

• For recruiting for internships, co-ops & post-graduation employment.
• Open to employers recruiting students in any VT major.
• Open to employers recruiting undergraduate and graduate students.

Career Services  
Connect to Wireless

Eduroam is the preferred wireless network for Virginia Tech Employees and Students.

If you're wondering where wireless is available, see Wireless Coverage.

Virginia Tech 4Help NI&S
Content Management System

Ensemble is the Web Content Management System (CMS) for Virginia Tech. It allows website contributors to update their Web content without worrying about the technical details of creating, editing, and maintaining websites.

Ensemble is powered by Adobe Experience Manager and is a joint effort between University Relations and Information Technology.

CMS Support  
Cost of Attendance Personalized cost of attending Virginia tech based on financial aid package (if any) by academic year. University Scholarship and Financial Aid  
Cost Share Tracker

This tool has been designed to allow OSP Cost Share Fund Budgets to be submitted and tracked by Post Award Administrators, and for researchers and finance managers to view the resulting budgets. It is currently not possible to track cost sharing within Banner due to the complexities of the process, so this database serves as the primary repository of cost sharing information.

Data from the Cost Share Tracker is also summarized and included as part of the Proposal Authorization Notice (PAN) tool when appropriate.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Course Registration and Class Schedule The one-stop shop for all things course-related. You can view your current and previous class schedules, browse for new courses to add, or drop courses from your schedule. This is also the place to view your registration status, update term data, or complete your pre-registration requirements. Office of the University Registrar  
Course Request Select which courses you would like to add to the upcoming semester's schedule. Office of the University Registrar  
COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Status Self-Reporting This form is for faculty, staff, and non-student wage employees to verify full vaccination status (one dose Johnson & Johnson, two doses of Pfizer, Moderna, and other WHO authorized vaccines). Student employees, both undergraduate and graduate students, should NOT use this form to submit verification of vaccination. Student employees will be required to submit through a different system.
Employees who are fully vaccinated will be exempt from any Virginia Tech testing requirements for the 2021-2022 academic year and can exercise relaxed mask standards as articulated by the CDC and Commonwealth. Once verified, you will receive an email that confirms your exemption from university testing requirements. Please note that the exemption may be reversed or altered should conditions change.
Please send any questions about vaccine reporting to the HR Service Center at hrservicecenter@vt.edu.
Human Resources Service Center  
Cranwell International Center Information and resources for international students, links to useful forms, and information about events coordinated by the Cranwell International Center Cranwell International Center  
Create VT Username If you are new to Virginia Tech as an employee or a newly accepted student, you will need to create a Virginia Tech Personal Identifier.  This task will help you do just that. Virginia Tech 4Help SIS
CW Thomas/VT & VTCSOM Loan Fund Requirements Complete your CW Thomas/VT & VTCSOM Loan Fund Loan Information (entrance interview, confidential questionnaire and sign your CW Thomas/VT & VTCSOM Loan Fund Promissory Note). Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
DARS Menu Request a DARS for your degree program, request a 'What-If' Degree Audit Report, determine how your courses apply to another major, view or delete your Degree Audit Reports, e-mail the University Registrar about DARS. Also, view and compare your in-major and overall GPA. Office of the University Registrar  
Dean of Students Reporting System Menu View, Create, and Update student concerns in the Dean of Students Reporting System. Office of the University Registrar  
Deductions History View deductions from paychecks between any two dates of Virginia Tech employment. Human Resources Service Center  
Dining Plan Selection If you need to add a dining plan, or change your current dining plan prior to the dining plan period, this is the place for you! Select whichever plan fits your dining needs so you can eat as much (or as little) as you want. (Note: On-Campus students are required to purchase either a Major, Mega, or Premium Flex dining plan!) Hokie Passport Services Dining Services
Dining Plan Selection Advisor Having trouble deciding which dining plan is best for you or your student?  This fun, interactive tool will walk you through a series of questions and provide a suggestion as to which dining plan might work best. Dining Services  
Dining Services Access information about dining on campus including dining locations (where to eat!), hours, menus, meal plans, and employment opportunities and applications. Dining Services  
Direct Deposit Enroll in or modify current accounts and allocations for direct deposit. University Bursar  
Direct Deposit Breakdown View direct deposit information (Without the option to make changes) Human Resources Service Center  
Disclosure and Management System Additional commitments and certain financial interests must be disclosed to Virginia Tech using the Disclosure and Management System, which is the university’s centralized system administered by the Research Conflict of Interest Program. The system is designed to be intuitive, with the landing page helping the employee decide the type of disclosure to submit. Additionally, there are user guides for disclosers and approvers of external commitment disclosures. Note that disclosure requirements are streamlined across types of disclosure, which means any disclosure in the Disclosure and Management System must be submitted initially, renewed annually, and updated within 30 days of any changes (e.g., when financial interests change). The Conflicts of Interest and Commitment website is a centralized resource for financial interest and additional commitment disclosures.
For more information please contact the Research Conflict of Interest Program at coi@vt.edu
Research Conflict of Interest Program  
DocuSign DocuSign eSignature provides a fast and secure way to send, track and sign agreements anytime, anywhere, on a wide variety of devices.
If you do not already have a Virginia Tech DocuSign account, please submit a request at https://software.vt.edu/docusignlicenserequest and a Departmental Software representative will work with you to get you started with DocuSign.
Departmental Software  
Do you think you've been hacked? Do you believe you've been hacked?  Then find out how what to do next and how to report the incident here. Virginia Tech 4Help  
Early Academic Referral System Menu View, Create, and Update Student Academic Concerns in the Early Academic Referral System Office of the University Registrar  
Earnings History Find out your gross pay and total hours for employment at Virginia Tech between any two dates. Human Resources Service Center  
Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech Pick one channel, three, or six. Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech, formerly College Media Solutions, gets your message in the Collegiate Times newspaper, in the Bugle yearbook, Silhouette Literary and Arts Magazine, on WUVT 90.7 fm, VTTV channel 33, collegiatetimes.com, outdoor racks, and more. We call that One Buy. One message on multiple channels. One student marketing consultant servicing your account. One comprehensive plan to grow your business College Media Solutions  
EHS Training View the list of online courses available and upcoming classroom sessions being offered. View your training history and required training (if applicable). Cancel a class registration if you are unable to attend a session. Division of Operations  
Electronic Effort Reporting System A web-based tool used by the university to confirm that salaries and wages charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the actual work performed. Office of Sponsored Programs  
Electronic Pay Stub Preference

Electronic Earnings and Deductions statements are available on Hokie TEAM each pay period for which you receive payment from VT. If you would like to stop receiving a printed paystub and wish to begin using the web to access this information, select Yes by checking the box on the first option below. 

You may elect to receive an email notification that your Earnings and Deductions statement is available electronically on Hokie TEAM. If you wish to eliminate the email notification indicate that preference by checking the box on the second option below. You do not have to receive the email notification in order to access your electronic pay stub. This information is available in electronic form whether you receive the email notification or not.

Human Resources Service Center  
Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid This page lists the requirements a student must complete to receive financial aid, and the current status of each. If there are holds on your financial aid, you can view those here as well. SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) as needed to receive financial aid is also recorded here. University Scholarship and Financial Aid  
Emergency Contacts Update the list of people who should be contacted on your behalf in the case of an emergency as well as their contact information. Virginia Tech 4Help  
Enrollment Management Menu Statistics related to registration Office of the University Registrar  
Enterprise Directory Group Manager Newly redesigned interface for managing Enterprise Directory (ED) groups. Virginia Tech 4Help  
Exchange Online Exchange Online is an email and calendaring solution for faculty, staff, and sponsored accounts. It provides a complete groupware environment, including integrated email, appointments, tasks, contacts, and spam protection. You can use a variety of client applications to access an Exchange Online account. Collaborative Computing Solutions  
Faculty and Advisor's Menu Contains many useful links for Virginia Tech faculty and student advisors Office of the University Registrar  
Faculty Grade Sheet Menu Enter and print Midterm, Tentative and Final Grades. Office of the University Registrar  
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Disclosure Generate passcodes to approve disclosure of academic record information to parents, guardians, Spouse, Sponsor, etc. in accordance with FERPA University Bursar  
Family Weekends Family Weekends - Fall Family Weekend is a tradition that stretches far back into our campus history, and one we continue to value as an important part of the journey students and their families go through. Spring Family Weekend typically occurs during the weekend of the Spring Game, offering students and their families an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of collegiate athletic competition in a community filled with Hokie Spirit. Division of Student Affairs  
Federal Financial Aid Release Authorization Authorize the use of Title IV Financial Aid for payment of miscellaneous charges such as fines and medical clinic fees University Bursar  
File Drop

File Drop is designed to allow researchers, faculty, other Virginia Tech affiliated individuals and non-VT individuals to upload files to any staff member working in Office for Research, including the Office of Research Compliance, the Office of Sponsored Programs and other units. This is an excellent solution for files that are too large for email. This site allows you to securely upload large files quickly and easily to individuals within the Office for Research. There is no need to manage permissions or setup shares, simply select the individual you want to send a file to, browse to the file and click upload. The recipient will be notified by email.

Since File Drop is developed and hosted internally within the university, it is compliant with university data protection policies, and avoids the need to put sensitive Virginia Tech information into the hands of third-party file transfer sites.

Files up to several hundred megabytes are supported for logged in users, and File Drop can be authorized, on a case by case basis, to facilitate the transfer of larger files with the sponsor during project setup and termination. Arrangements can be made through your OSP representative.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Final Grades View your final grades from classes that you have already finished. Office of the University Registrar Virginia Tech 4Help
Finance SSB My Journals The application gives users simplified access to information in your Banner Finance Self-Service system. Office of the Controller  
Financial Aid Award Information This is a menu linking to information regarding several different financial aid awards. University Scholarship and Financial Aid  
Financial Aid Package by Year View Financial aid information determined by Aid Year (the academic year for which you are receiving financial aid). To define or redefine the aid year, select the aid year from the pull-down list below, then click Select Aid Year. University Scholarship and Financial Aid  
FINTRACS The FINance Transaction Review, Analysis, and Certification System, hereby known as FINTRACS, is an in-house electronic review and certification tool developed to incorporate business rules to leverage existing internal control and to streamline the review process. The tool provides upper and central management the ability to monitor the review process. FINTRACS Virginia Tech 4Help
Fixed Assets Tagging app The new electronic form is used to capture equipment that needs to be tagged by our office and also equipment that has already been tagged by Dell, Lenovo, or the departments.
The form allows departmental users to notify us quickly and eliminates the need to remember who they need to contact about new equipment.
Becky Saylors Matt Carter
Follett Discover Instructors can use Follett Discover to research, discover and adopt course materials with ease, while students can easily view, procure and access their materials — which helps fuel success in the classroom. Office of the University Registrar  
Food Approval Request System Submit requests for food approval through the Accounts Payable website form Food Approval  
Gartner Campus Access Gartner is a leading information technology firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision making in the higher education sector. Gartner's Campus Access is a resource that technology influencers and decision makers should consult before making important decisions or purchases. Division of IT - Chief of Staff  
General Student Information View your student information including your resident status, your student level, your college, major, degree, degree status and anticipated graduation date. You can also view your orientation information, which includes pre-college exams scores (SAT, ACT) and high school class ranking. Office of the University Registrar  
GitLab GitLab is a source code repository hosted by the Division of Information Technology. Gitlab Help  
Give to Impact the Track/Hokie Family Annual Fund Gifts to the Hokie Family Annual Fund go directly to student programming and activities not covered by tuition and fees. With your generous support, we are able to offer additional resources, programs, services, events, and activities throughout the year that enhance learning and add value. Gifts to the Hokie Family Annual Fund support three main areas, all directly connected to the Virginia Tech student experience. Division of Student Affairs  
Giving Support Virginia Tech today by donating money or learn about deferred gift options that may maximize the difference you can make. University Development  
Giving by Payroll Deduction Faculty and Staff are eligible to make a charitable gift to the area of their choice at Virginia Tech via their regular payroll. This contribution can be updated or changed at any time. Enterprise Systems - HR  
Gmail Direct link for logging into your Virginia Tech Gmail account Collaborative Computing Solutions Virginia Tech 4Help
GobblerConnect Find and join events and organizations on campus Student Engagement and Campus Life  
Graduate Catalog The graduate school catalog outlines the programs offered as well as the overall policies of graduate education at Virginia Tech Graduate School  
Graduate Contract Enter and approve GA, GRA, GTA, and Tuition Only contracts University Bursar  
Graduate School Applicant Review The VT System to review Graduate School applicants. Graduate School  
Graduate Student Checklist Check the status of your graduation requirements for Virginia Tech graduate students. Office of the University Registrar  
Graduate Students on an Assistantship: Enroll in Payroll Deduction Allows graduate students on an assistantship to enroll in payroll deduction for payment of their comprehensive fee, technology fee and capital fee (if applicable) Payroll Office  
G Suite G Suite provides a comprehensive web-based environment to support the university's community improving collaboration among faculty, students, staff, and colleagues around the world. Collaborative Computing Solutions  
Guest Account Access Use this page to provide guest account access for parents, guardians, and others to view your Financial Aid Information (Financial Aid Award Letter, Requirements to Receive Aid, Financial Aid Holds, Academic Progress, Cost of Attendance, and Loan History) and Academic Record Information (Final Grades, and Unofficial Transcript). Guest account holders have the ability to log in and view the information that you have authorized. Virginia Tech 4Help SIS
Health Benefits View your health benefits available through employment at Virginia Tech Human Resources Service Center  
Health Professional Student Loan Requirements Complete your HPSL Loan Information (entrance interview, confidential questionnaire and sign your HPSL Promissory Note). Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
Hokie Athletics Tickets Student season tickets and ticket lottery for football, basketball, and other VT sports. Athletic Ticket Office  
Hokie Football Schedule View the schedule/calendar for Virginia Tech Football games, including which fields, which channels to view the games on, live stats, and ticket purchasing information. Department of Athletics  
Hokie GPS - Graduation Plan for Success Hokie GPS is a tool that allows you to plan your entire college education and accommodate changes as they become necessary. It can help you to identify flexibility in your schedule, so that you can create room for double majors, minors, research, co-ops, education abroad, co-curricular activities, and more.  Office of the University Registrar  
HokieMart Virginia Tech has entered into partnership with SciQuest, Inc. to provide an effective and efficient e-Procurement (purchasing) system for the University. Use it to purchase everything from equipment and services to office supplies. HokieMart Help Desk  
Hokie Mobile Android Hokie Mobile is the official Android app for Virginia Tech news, information, and online services. Public information such as events, news, campus maps, and directory searches are available to anyone. Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni can use their Virginia Tech PID to login and securely access personal information such as course schedules and account balances. Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Hokie Mobile iOS Hokie Mobile is the official iPhone app for Virginia Tech news, information, and online services. Public information such as events, news, campus maps, and directory searches are available to anyone. Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni can use their Virginia Tech PID to login and securely access personal information such as course schedules and account balances. Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Hokie Passport ID Card Directions for where to go and what to do in order to get a Hokie Passport ID Card as a Virginia Tech Student or Employee. Hokie Passport Services  
Hokie Passport Services Instantly view your student's Hokie Passport ID-card based account balances and transaction history.  Note: To view balances/transaction history, your student must first authorize you as a guest.  Step-by-step instructions may be located at www.hokiepassport.vt.edu.  To make a deposit, simply use the Quick Deposit feature at www.hokiepassport.vt.edu - no preauthorization required. Hokie Passport Services  
Hokie Passport Services Set/reset the pin used to access your residence hall door. Hokie Passport Services  
Hokie Passport Services Instantly view Hokie Passport ID Card-based account balances and transaction history. Hokie Passport Services  
Hokie Perks: Discounts View discounts on various services available to Virginia Tech faculty and staff. Includes goods and services such as automotive, education, electronics and technology, financial, legal, and housing, flowers and gifts, health and beauty, recreation and entertainment, shopping, and travel. Human Resources Service Center  
Hokie Scheduler Hokie Scheduler is a schedule planning and registration tool. Students can use Hokie Scheduler to schedule time blocks for which they cannot have class due to other commitments such as work or sports, and the tool assists in providing schedules that work around those time commitments for the courses they have entered. Office of the University Registrar  
HokieServ Customer Request HokieServ is the enterprise system used by the Facilities Department and the Division of Student Affairs for submission of work requests. Division of Student Affairs  
Hokie Wallet Manage Hokie Passport Services and Bursar-related tasks in one convenient location. Hokie Passport Services  
Hokie Wellness View the calendar of Hokie Wellness events for students and employees and other resources for maintaining health and wellness at Virginia Tech. Hokie Wellness  
Holds on your Account These are the administrative holds on your account. If the hold affects the Registration process you will not be allowed to register for classes. If the hold affects the Transcript process you will be prevented from viewing your unofficial transcript and from requesting official transcripts. University Bursar Parking and Transportation
Holiday and Winter Closing Schedule Displays university closings and staff holidays. Human Resources Service Center  
Home Authorization App The new electronic form is used to document equipment and non-equipment items taken home by university employees for official university business. The form incorporates electronic approvals by equipment coordinators and department heads/authorized approvers. The equipment approved by department head/authorized approver will be updated in Banner Fixed Assets. Fixed Assets and Equipment Inventory Services  
Honor Code Violation Notifications View notifications and updates regarding your Honor Code violations. Student Conduct  
Horizons-Brookings Loan Requirements Complete your Horizons-Brookings Loan Information (entrance interview, confidential questionnaire and sign your Horizons-Brookings Promissory Note). Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
Housing and Dining Contract After completing the housing application process, aka housing lottery, fill out your housing contract to accept the residence that is available to you. Students living on campus must also have a dining plan, so this page also allows you to choose your dining plan size. (When it comes to eating at Tech's famous dining halls, the bigger the better!)  Off-campus students may select from any dining plan via this portal as well! Housing and Residence Life Hokie Passport Services
HR Employee Flexible Work Agreements HR Forms for creating and approving telework agreements, alternate work schedule agreements, and tuition reimbursement requests. Human Resources Service Center  
Human Resources: Professional Development University Organizational and Professional Development (UOPD) is a resource for professional development programs and consulting services offered to all Virginia Tech employees. Human Resources Service Center  
IACUC Protocol Management

IACUC Protocol Management is a web-based system that allows researchers (both VT and non-VT) to review a list of all active and closed IACUC protocols online, check the training status of all personnel associated with the protocol, participate in the annual review online and request the closing of a protocol.

The system sends out the following alerts to the researchers: 1. 60 days before their protocol will expire an email is sent, 2. a notice is sent once the protocol expires and 3. sends out emails that the annual review is open and sends out another email two weeks later.

Contact the IACUC office at iacuc@vt.edu with any questions regarding your protocol status, training status or annual review process, and the IACUC administrator, strout@vt.edu , with questions regarding protocol design and development.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Immunization Form Immunization History Form that is required from all new students. This page also includes other useful forms, such as the Medical History form required by the Corps of Cadets and Immunization Exemption forms. Schiffert Health Center  
IMS Websystem Change your Banner Oracle password. Virginia Tech 4Help IMCS
Installing Pulse VPN Instructions and download links for the Virginia Tech VPN (Virtual Private Network) Junos Pulse Secure Virginia Tech 4Help  
Interactive Campus Map View an interactive map of the Blacksburg campus including buildings, parking lots, emergency phones, accessibility information, and more. University Directory Assistance  
International Invitation for Commencement Generate a letter to invite your family living outside of the United States to your commencement ceremony. 
This is available after the start of the term you indicated you will graduate on your Application for Degree.
Office of the University Registrar  
International Invitation for Graduate Commencement Invite your relatives to commencement (Relatives living outside the United States). Cranwell International Center  
IRB Protocol Management IRB Protocol Management is a web-based system that allows researchers (both VT and non-VT) to submit Institutional Review Board applications online, track the progress of submitted applications, and save IRB protocol-related documents online. Virginia Tech 4Help  
IT Service Catalog The IT (Information Technology) Service Catalog provides descriptions, features, cost, documentation, and support information about computing and technology services at Virginia Tech. Service offerings include accounts, email, teaching and learning solutions, consulting appointments, network services, software, servers, research, and security. Everyone can search and browse for Catalog items which are categorized for easy navigation. Virginia Tech affiliates that log on can order requestable Catalog items and then track the progress of fulfillment. Virginia Tech 4Help  
JIRA for Enterprise Systems About JIRA
JIRA is a project planning and issue tracking system developed by Atlassian. JIRA is primarily used for software development tasks, bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.
Issues can be many things such as tasks, ideas, and requests that are often hiding in documents, on paper, in in-boxes. JIRA can help capture and organize issues, prioritize them, help you take action on what's important, and stay up-to-date with what's going on around you.
What can JIRA do?
In addition to software development, the DMS team has had several successful implementations where 'issue' tracking improved business processes. For instance, the university Curriculum Management process uses JIRA to track curriculum changes. We also use JIRA to manage the process of software license tracking.
Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Labor Redistribution Initiate and approve retroactive employee payroll funding changes. Payroll Office  
Leave Balances View leave balances/vacation days based on most recent submitted leave report and any additional accrued hours, but not pending hours used. Also view hire dates and training completed. Human Resources Service Center  
Leave Reporting Employees are responsible for accurately tracking, recording, and reporting leave usage. Leave usage is submitted online through the Leave and Time Worked Reporting System. Human Resources Service Center  
Limited Submissions

Limited Submission funding opportunities refer to projects for which the sponsor has requested that an institution only submit a limited number of proposals, typically one. The sponsors expect the university to internally select their best proposal and ensure that it is the only one submitted.

This web application is used to notify users of Limited Submission deadlines, to allow researchers to register an interest in an opportunity, and to manage the selection process for the final successful submission. The system also automatically notifies the Office of Sponsored Programs once the review process is complete. Programs will be put on the Limited Submissions Calendar under the month that the first internal Virginia Tech deadline occurs. Be sure to check the calendar often, new programs will be added as the information becomes available to us.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning solution designed to help users gain new skills and knowledge. Access is free to current Virginia Tech students, employees, and recent graduates Virginia Tech 4Help  
Loan History View details of your loan activity. Information is arranged by financial aid year and includes the status, amount of the loan, and the total amount paid-to-date. Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
Manage Accounts Manage your PID account settings.  Change your password, passphrase, or recovery options.  Also manage your VT google account settings, your Hokies active directory, network (wireless and VPN), or Duo two factor (2FA) accounts, or set up an email alias.  Print 2FA passcodes and manage 2FA tokens. Virginia Tech 4Help SIS
Microsoft 365 Tools that allow work with colleagues and students, both individually and in groups, whether within the VT community or external to it. Collaborative Computing Solutions  
MicroStrategy Finance Reports MicroStrategy is the reporting and analytics platform that the controller's office uses to distribute reports to the University. This menu contains the primary reports that finance provides. Using the contact information, let us know if there are additional reports you need or if you have any questions about the existing reports. MicroStrategy Finance  
MicroStrategy Human Resources Reports MicroStrategy is the reporting and analytics platform that the Division of Human Resources uses to distribute reports throughout the University. This menu contains the primary reports that the Division of Human Resources provides. Using the contact information to: request access to the menu, ask for support, ask any questions about the reports or request custom reports. MicroStrategy Human Resources  
MicroStrategy Main Portal MicroStrategy is an industry leading self service business intelligence tool. Any department can create and share reports and dashboards with anybody at Virginia Tech. There are no additional license fees. MicroStrategy is the reporting source of truth for most of the functional areas. Visit the analytics community of practice site and PageUp for training materials. MicroStrategy Main Portal  
Midterm Grades View midterm grades from classes currently in session if available. (Typically only available for first-time students) Office of the University Registrar Virginia Tech 4Help
Miscellaneous Employee Benefits Any deductions from Virginia Tech employee paychecks other than retirement and health insurance are enumerated along with values deducted by year. Human Resources Service Center  
MyCAT You must be logged into the Virginia Tech network (either be on campus or VPN) to use this application. Collaborative Computing Solutions  
Name Change Information This is a description of what students and faculty or staff must do in order to change the name on payroll or academic records. Employee name changes will require a social security card. Office of the University Registrar  
Navigate - Advising Platform Virginia Tech has partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to utilize Navigate, a comprehensive advising platform that connects administrators, faculty, advisors, and staff with students. Navigate provides optimized tools for each user type to enhance student support throughout their academic career. Students have the ability to schedule advising and tutoring that meets their needs and be connected to the resources they need. Office of the University Registrar  
Network Password The VT Username Identifier (pid@vt.edu) and network password are used to access the eduroam WiFi network at Virginia Tech and at thousands of other locations around the world. 
Your VT Username (PID) and network password are also used to authenticate to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) which provides access to university resources that would otherwise only be available if you were physically located on campus. For the VPN, you'll want to connect "VT Traffic over SSL VPN" in most cases.
Virginia Tech 4Help  
Network Software Network Software provides access to download licensed software for which the individual is authorized. The list available to users may not match the screenshot due to differences in roles and permissions. Software Service Center  
Notification of Commencement Attendance Graduate Students Only - Let the University know your plans about attending commencement. Office of the University Registrar  
Office for Equity and Accessibility Workshops The Office for Equity and Accessibility workshops and trainings are designed to assist members of the university in their efforts to fulfill the university’s policy on discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, and Virginia Tech's Principles of Community. Participants have the opportunity to further engage in conversations relating to ways they can enhance the environments in which they live, learn, and work. Includes ADA and Accessibility Services, Affirmative Action, Conflict Resolution, Harassment, Discrimination, Title IX, and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect. Office for Equity and Accessibilty  
Official Transcripts Online request form for Official Transcripts. Payment can be made only with a credit\debit card. If you do not have a credit\debit card, you need to purchase a pre-paid payment card to make your payment with the National Student Clearinghouse. Office of the University Registrar  
OneCampus What is OneCampus? Everything you need all in one place. Use OneCampus to find services at Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech 4Help Enterprise Systems
Overall GPA Calculator Use this GPA Calculator to figure out what GPA you need to earn in the current semester to achieve a particular overall GPA Virginia Tech 4Help Registrar
PageUp Talent Management System Virginia Tech's recruiting and onboarding site.  Manage job postings, position descriptions, track applicants, and begin onboarding Human Resources Service Center  
PAN System The Project Authorization Notice (PAN) is a notice sent via email to notify the PI and designated departmental personnel that a project has been accepted and a fund established. Once the PAN has been issued, work may begin on the project and costs may be charged to the fund (provided the period of performance has begun). A copy of the award document will also accompany the PAN. The PAN highlights information of the award document that the PI and departmental personnel should pay particular attention to, as well as provides general information about the project, such as the documentation (IRB, IACUC, Award Documents), budget, cost sharing, personnel, and any associated subfunds. Departmental financial managers may contact their OSP representative for additional access and features. Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Parking and Transportation Account How do I pay a parking ticket?
Right here, of course! You can buy a parking permit, pay for a ticket/citation, or appeal a citation online.
Parking and Transportation  
Pathways General Education Course Guides Find lists of approved Pathways courses by concept or alphabetically General Education  
Payroll Dates A calendar that displays the pay dates for university faculty and staff. University Bursar  
Paystub View current and past paystubs (paychecks) to check your benefits, deductions, taxes, and payments. For faculty, staff, and student employees. Payroll Office  
Performance Plan Menu Create a performance plan for your employment or evaluate performance. Performance evaluation available for self or for employees. Career Services  
Perkins Loan Requirements Complete your Perkins Loan Information (entrance interview, confidential questionnaire and sign your Perkins Promissory Note). Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid  
Person Maintenance Form GZBTPID Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Person Search Find people at VT. University Directory Assistance  
Plan of Study View your graduate school plan of study. Office of the University Registrar  
Population Selection Extract Data GZAEXTR Enterprise Systems - Technology Strategy  
Portfolium Students should choose the "ONECAMPUS LOGIN" option on the sign-in page to login with their PID and password.An ePortfolio is a digital collection of your curricular and co-curricular work. It is a curation of the work you have selected and it showcases who you are as a student and an individual. Reflection is a key component of an effective ePortfolio as evidence of your growth, mindset, and learning. The process of creating an ePortfolio can help you connect with people who have shared interests, goals, and aspirations. University Libraries  
Qualtrics Qualtrics allows you to easily design surveys with point-and-click editing, collaborate with colleagues, and build an in-house panel for repeated surveys.In order to access Qualtrics you must purchase licenses for your department through Departmental Software.  For more information on costs and how to purchase these licenses please visit the following website.  https://itpals.vt.edu/softwarelicensingcenter/deptsoftware/deptswind/qualtrics.html
As a potential alternative, QuestionPro is being offered at no additional cost for faculty, staff, and students, and we have planned a series of information sessions for QuestionPro over the next several months. More information can be found at https://software.vt.edu/questionpro.
Departmental Software  
QuestionPro QuestionPro is a flexible, web-based survey data collection and reporting platform. It supports a wide range of question types, as well as skip logic and experimental designs and provides robust reporting and data export options. Software Service Center  
Quick Deposit Students, employees, and guests can make a nearly instantaneous deposit to a Hokie Passport Account and/or Dining Dollars/Flex Additions using a debit/credit card or eCheck. Hokie Passport Services  
RCR Training Tracker

This tool has been designed to support the management of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training notifications, non-compliance letters and RCR training requirements for certain NIH and NSF sponsored projects. Researchers can log into review the certification status of themselves as well as their projects. Compliance with training requirements is critical in continuing to receive funding from sponsors, and it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure training is up to date.

This tool will assist in the process through automated notifications and training tracking for individuals performing research that is covered under these regulations.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Recreational Sports The Department of Recreational Sports (Rec Sports) enhances the quality of life for the university community by educating and encouraging participation in activities that promote healthy lifestyles, social interactions, and leadership skills. The department creates an atmosphere that encourages individuals to develop life-long involvement in recreational activities and is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of a diverse community by offering quality structured and informal recreational opportunities. Department of Recreational Sports  
Recreational Sports Portal View exercise programs for McComas and War Memorial Gym, sign up for a membership or a group exercise pass, find information about personal training, or sign up for a recreational sport (rec sports) or intramural sport, or one of many outdoor trips or special events. Division of Student Affairs  
Request a Sponsored Hokies Active Directory Account Sponsored Hokies accounts are generally for temporary employees and for those who need to maintain access when transitioning between positions. Virginia Tech 4Help  
Request a Sponsored VT Username (PID) Individuals that are not Virginia Tech students or employees may have a need for a university username (PID). These individuals cannot create their own usernames, but the department with which they are associated can sponsor them and request a username for them by requesting this service. Virginia Tech 4Help IMCS
Request Enrollment Verification Certificate Virginia Tech has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent to provide enrollment verification. Click on the link below to move to the Clearinghouse secure website (a new window will open and you will automatically be logged on). Instructions for obtaining a certificate will display. CAUTION: Always ensure that you LOG OFF both the Clearinghouse site and HOKIE SPA upon completion. View frequency of enrollment updates to the Clearinghouse by clicking here: http://www.registrar.vt.edu/academic_records/certifications_eligibility/enrollment-certifications.html . Office of the University Registrar  
Request for Letter of Degree Completion Once you have been awarded your degree, you may request a Letter of Degree Completion. Office of the University Registrar  
Reserve a space on campus Reserve a space on campus (EMS) - The Event Planning Office uses EMS (Event Management System).  You can use our online version, the Virginia Tech EMS Web App, to find availability and make reservations for Major Venues, Meeting Rooms, and Advertising on campus. Student Engagement and Campus Life  
Residential Laundry Services All residence hall laundry rooms have been equipped with Laundry Web. Laundry Web won't fold your clean clothes or iron your shirts, but it can reserve a washer or dryer that you want to use, tell you how many machines are in use, or send you a text when your laundry is done. Housing and Residence Life Hokie Passport Services
Retirement Plans View information about the various retirement programs available to employees at Virginia Tech Human Resources Service Center  
Room Assignment View room assignment, mailing address, and roommates. Housing and Residence Life  
Schiffert Healthy Hokies Portal Make doctor's appointments online for the health center, view upcoming appointment details, complete/view forms, view important messages and documents, and upload immunization or medical forms. Schiffert Health Center  
Scholarship Central Academicworks listing of scholarship funding opportunities. University Scholarship and Financial Aid  
Services for Students with Disabilities Access the website for Services for Students with Disabilities including registration with SSD to receive accommodations as well as information about self-advocacy and how to be more inclusive. Services for Students with Disabilities  
Silhouette Silhouette is a semi-annual, student-run publication for undergraduate and graduate work from Virginia Tech students in the areas of poetry, prose, photography, art and all things creative.
We aim to inspire our readers with the work we publish and we push our staff to challenge their creativity in a fun and engaging setting.
Single Term GPA Calculator Use this term GPA calculator to determine how different grades in this semester's courses will affect this term's GPA. Virginia Tech 4Help Registrar
Social Security Number Change This is information about who to contact about a change to your Social Security Number for students, faculty, and staff. Office of the University Registrar  

At Virginia Tech, students are encouraged to focus on their gifts and talents, honing them into true strengths. This is a departure from the status quo practice of focusing on weaknesses. Research shows that people are much more engaged when they work within their strengths. The Division of Student Affairs has partnered with Gallup® to became the first university in the nation to offer the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to all students and employees. The assessment tool provides the knowledge and vocabulary to describe an individual's strengths and the areas in which they excel.

Students who know their strengths will be able to engage with and explore the Aspirations for Student Learning at a more personal level. Through this exploration, students can be intentional in investing in their strengths, expanding their curiosities, and putting this newfound knowledge to use to better themselves and the world around them.

Division of Student Affairs  
Student Conduct Notifications View your notifications from the Office of Student Conduct by clicking on the conduct notification links found on this page. Student Conduct  
Student Demographic Information Menu View General Academic, address, phone, Email, and FERPA disclosure information. Office of the University Registrar  
Student Employment Student Affairs at Virginia Tech currently employs over 2,000 students annually in positions that are specifically designed to meet unique graduate and undergraduate student needs. Division of Student Affairs  
Student Life Curriculum ExperienceVT - Your Virginia Tech experience is just that—it’s yours. Your time here is unique as you participate in clubs that interest you, surround yourself with people that inspire you, and strive to accomplish the goals you define. Division of Student Affairs  
Student Schedule and Grades Menu View Schedules, Grades, Transcript, Advanced Placement and transfer Credit, Class Rank and Plan of Study Office of the University Registrar  
Subscribe to Hokie Family eNews The Hokie Family eNews is an electronic publication that keeps parents and families informed of campus activities, events, and deadlines that affect the lives of Virginia Tech students. If interested in subscribing to the Hokie Family eNews, please use the form below. Division of Student Affairs  
Summer Academy Summer Academy is a special opportunity for first-year students to jump-start their academic experience by earning six hours of course credit through a track program. Student Engagement and Campus Life  
Summit Summit is Virginia Tech's research administration system. Summit aims to facilitate the workflow for faculty, staff, and administrative personnel as they pursue and manage external funding projects. Summit Help Virginia Tech 4Help
Support Student Affairs Donations to Student Affairs help Virginia Tech supplement academics with hands-on experiences that prepare young adults to reach their maximum potential. Division of Student Affairs  
Surplus Property Report Form

Create a surplus property disposal request by completing the form. A surplus label to identify the item(s) should be attached to the item(s) surplused.

A separate request must be completed for each Virginia Tech asset (i.e. barcoded item)
Non-assets may be grouped on the same request, provided they are like items (i.e. chairs on one request, file cabinets on one request, etc.)
For non-assets, use "N/A" in the Virginia Tech asset number field
For descriptions of fields click on the field title
Once the request is created, the designated approver can log into the system and either approve or decline the request by using the “Approve” link in the menu bar. A daily notification will be emailed to an approver with at least one pending surplus request. Requestor’s can check the status of the request by clicking the “History” link in the menu bar.

HokieMart Help Desk  
TCP Review & Annual Compliance Certification

The Office of Export and Secure Research Compliance (OESRC) supports Virginia Tech's commitment to complying with U.S. laws and regulations applicable to export and trade sanctions. OESRC works with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and other University departments to ensure compliance with regulations promulgated by the regulatory agencies, including but not limited to the Department of State, Department of Commerce, and the Department of the Treasury.  If an export assessment determines that an activity is subject to these regulations, OESRC will assist the affected party in setting up security measures and protocols needed to ensure compliance with export and sanction regulations through the establishment of a Technology Control Plan (TCP) or other certification document.

The Technology Control Plan details the export control classification, restriction on release of information, physical and information security protocols, and screening, training and acknowledgment requirements from all project personnel.  OESRC will monitor project related activity throughout the life of the TCP and the Principal Investigator or TCP Custodian will be required to disposition all controlled items before close out of the TCP.

If you are a signatory to a TCP, you may view documents, information, and training/acknowledgement status of personnel on the TCP Review website.

Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
Temporary Export Certification (TMP) When taken outside of the United States, university property such as commodities, software, and technology (hereafter called items) may be subject to export licensing under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) or regulations by other government agencies. Many items such as laptops, tablets, cell phones and PDA’s containing commercial software, may be temporarily exported as "tools of trade" under the export license exception TMP. "Tools of Trade" can be simply defined as items that are used for university business, conferences, trade shows, etc. The TMP certification form is used to document the temporary export of university property. Office of Research and Innovation Webmaster  
The Writing Center

The Virginia Tech Writing Center is a free service for all Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff, at all levels. We also are happy to assist Language and Culture Institute students, VT alumni, and area high school students. We're located in Newman Library's second floor Learning Commons, just past the elevators.

We work with writing and reading assignments from any course in the University. We can also help you with writing projects that are not linked to classes.

While we try to accommodate walk-in sessions when possible, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment.

The Writing Center  
Ticket Office Purchase tickets online for various events from concerts, to plays, to art shows. Not to be confused with the athletic's ticketing office, the Division of Student Affairs' ticket office offers ticketing for a wide variety of events including those organized by student organizations and clubs. Student Engagement and Campus Life  
TimeClock Plus - Employee TimeClock Plus is a web interface consisting of Webclock, Manager, and Scheduler that allows for the entry and management of wage time. Human Resources Service Center  
TimeClock Plus - Manager TimeClock Plus is a web interface consisting of Webclock, Manager, and Scheduler that allows for the entry and management of wage time. Human Resources Service Center  
Timetable of Classes Timetable of classes for all Virginia Tech campuses and online courses. Office of the University Registrar Virginia Tech 4Help
TLOS: Professional Development Network Access programs, training, and professional development opportunities through NLI to enhance digital fluency and improve teaching and learning at Virginia Tech. Networked Learning Initiatives  
Transfer Credit View Transfer, Advanced Placement, Advanced Standing, Credit by Exam and Military credit accepted by Virginia Tech. Office of the University Registrar Virginia Tech 4Help
Undergraduate Course Catalog View the Undergraduate Course Catalog and Academic Policies as a website or as a pdf file. Office of the University Registrar  
University Bookstore Buy everything you need to start the semester such as textbooks, notebooks, and laptops as well as spirit wear to show your Hokie Pride around campus.  Shop the Virginia Tech campus store for textbooks, books, course materials, laptops, clothing, apparel, gifts, t-shirts, supplies, and fan gear. University Bookstore  
University Bursar Tuition, fees, and billing information. University Bursar  
University Cashiering System The university's cashiering system, CASHNet, allows university departments (both on and off campus) to enter deposit information directly into the cashiering system. Online training is available through Canvas. University Bursar  
University Event Calendar A calendar displaying all of the upcoming events at the University University Development  
University Libraries Search for books, articles, journals, textbooks, and more. University Libraries  
Unofficial Transcripts Students who attended Virginia Tech prior to Fall 1976 cannot view these records on-line. Only records since Fall 1976 are displayed in the unofficial transcript. Official transcripts will contain all attendance periods. Office of the University Registrar  
Update Addresses and Phone Numbers Manage the addresses and phone numbers affiliated with your account Virginia Tech 4Help  
Update Ethnicity and Race In an effort to comply with new Department of Education regulations on how educational institutions collect and report racial and ethnic data, the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness and the Office for Equity and Inclusion request your assistance. 
The regulations stipulate that educational institutions must collect race and ethnicity data using a two part question. The first question will ask individuals to identify whether they are Hispanic/Latino. The second question asks individuals to identify membership to one or more of the following racial categories:
• American Indian or Alaska Native
• Asian
• Black or African-American
• Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
• White
To comply with these regulations, Virginia Tech has updated the race and ethnicity data collection instruments. Part of the update process included converting existing race/ethnicity data stored in Banner to the new format. We recognize that during the conversion, previously reported self-identification information may have translated incorrectly. Please review the selections below and correct any misinformation.
Office of the University Registrar  
Update Personal Information Banner modeule that allows users to update Chosen Name and Personal Pronoun. Office of the University Registrar  
VA-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances View your VA-4 (VA4) information.Your VA-4 information determines the amount of Virginia State Tax that is withheld from your pay. To update your VA-4 information, click on the word update at the bottom of the screen. You may want to consider changing your W-4 Federal Tax exemptions when you change your State Tax exemptions. Payroll Office  
V.A. Enrollment Certification Form The Office of Veterans Services at Virginia Tech helps coordinate your educational benefits with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The process varies slightly depending on your allotted benefits and if the benefits are transferred to a spouse or dependent, but here is the general timeline. There are links to information sheets below for specific chapters and those who are transferring benefits. Office of the University Registrar  
Veteran's Classifications Attention Veterans - please update your discharge date and Veteran Classifications Office of the University Registrar  
View and Pay e-Bill (Authorized Payer) View and pay your university e-Bill online using eCheck or credit card. University Bursar  
View and Pay e-Bill (Students) View and pay your university e-Bill online using eCheck or credit card. University Bursar  
View Application Status Information and links related to creating a guest account to sign in and view the status of your application decision. Division of Student Affairs  
View Email Addresses View all email addresses associated with your Virginia Tech account Office of the University Registrar  
View Transcript Request Status View the status of transcript requests. Office of the University Registrar  
Virginia Cyber Range A virtual training environment for cybersecurity exercises and capture-the-flag challenges CyberRange  
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability

Because we do business with the government, we must reach out to, hire, and provide equal opportunity to qualified people with disabilities. To help us measure how well we are doing, we are asking you to tell us if you have a disability or if you have ever had a disability. Completing this form is voluntary, but we hope that you will choose to fill it out. If you are applying for a job, any answer you give will be kept private and will not be used against you in any way.

If you already work for us, your answer will not be used against you in any way. Because a person may become disabled at any time, we are required to ask all of our employees to update their information every five years. You may voluntarily self-identify as having a disability on this form without fear of any punishment because you did not identify as having a disability earlier.

Human Resources Service Center  
VT Alerts VT Alerts is Virginia Tech's Emergency Notification System. In a campus emergency, Virginia Tech will use several information delivery methods to reach you because, at any given time, one form of communications might be better to reach you than another. Virginia Tech 4Help NIS
VT Employee Training Portal Enroll in courses on Banner, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and more on PageUp LMS. Human Resources Service Center  
VT News Virginia Tech News is a daily service of the Office of University Relations to inform student, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the broader community of current campus news and events. In addition to this website, one may subscribe to our morning news email, sent daily Monday through Friday throughout the year. VT News  
VTOCH Roommate Search VTOCH Roommate Search - Find Off-Campus housing and roommates near VT. Log in as a student, guest or property manager to get started. Housing and Residence Life  

The purpose of VTTV is to serve as a television station run for and by Virginia Tech students. We provide television programming unique to our community that would otherwise not be available. 

We provide an opportunity for members of the college community to learn all aspects of production and management related to the field of television and broadcast media.

W-2 Year End Earnings Statement View W-2 (W2) tax forms electronically. WARNING: if you choose to access this form electronically you will not receive a paper copy. Payroll Office  
W-4 Tax Exemptions/Allowances View W-4 (W4) information. Your W-4 information determines the amount of Federal Tax that is withheld from your pay.
To update your W-4 information, click on the word update at the bottom of the page for this task. You may want to consider changing your VA-4 Virginia State Tax exemptions when you change your Federal Tax exemptions.
Payroll Office  
Weekends Well Spent With a dynamic online schedule, Weekends Well Spent is your go-to site for planning your weekends and getting the most out of your Virginia Tech experience Division of Student Affairs Hokie Wellness
Wireless Device Registration View devices registered for wireless access on the VirginiaTech network. Add or delete personal devices (smart tv’s, game consoles, etc) and organizational equipment. Virginia Tech 4Help  
WUVT WUVT was first organized in September 1947 and went on the air for the first time on April 1, 1948. In August 1951, the studios were destroyed by fire, but WUVT returned to the air in late November of the next year. WUVT-FM came into existence in October of 1969 when it signed on the air as a non-commercial, educational, free-radiating station at 90.7 megahertz. WUVT broadcasts 24 hours a day and serves the community with music, news, sports and public affairs programming. WUVT-AM and WUVT-FM are both operated by the students of Virginia Tech, with studios located in Squires Student Center. WUVT is now operated by the Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech (EMCVT), a 501c3 formed in 1997 to replace the Student Media Board. WUVT  
WVTF: Public Radio NPR affiliate radio station serving the Southwestern region of Virginia, owned and operated by Virginia Tech. WVTF  
You're In Now What? New to VT? This checklist will help you to make sure you're fully prepared to take on college life before you even step foot on the campus. Student Engagement and Campus Life  
Zoom One of the university’s primary platforms for interactive video, lecture capture, and video content management. These cloud-based tools offer intuitive setup, automated central storage for video assets, mobile compatibility, flexibility for large and small courses, and robust analytics, plus easy integration with other Virginia Tech tools like Canvas, Google Apps, and Office365. Virginia Tech 4Help