Poly Phone Provisioning Procedures

Phone Ordering


Phones can be ordered through HokieMart specifying Converge One Inc as the supplier. Converged One has agreed to send NI&S a list of MAC addresses for all Virginia Tech Poly phone orders. The provisioning process described below depends on the MAC addresses being imported to the Zoom Phone system prior to phones being plugged into the network. 


Departments that order phones from other suppliers are responsible for sending a spreadsheet that includes the phone manufacturer, model number, and MAC address..  This can be done by submitting a ServiceNow ticket at 4help.vt.edu with the spreadsheet included as an attachment. It is important that this is done prior to new phones being plugged into the network. Failure to complete this step will likely result in the department needing to perform a factory reset on the phone.

Phone Provisioning

1. The service manager will assign the device to the user and/or extension via the customer portal after the migration is complete. Note that users and service managers will receive a completion email on the day of the migration. Instructions can be found here

**The MAC address can be found by turning the phone over and looking at the back of the phone (see insert). 

2. The user, service manager, or IT support will plug the phone into the network outlet. Click here for procedures. 


3.Once the phone is plugged in, it will reboot multiple times. This process will take at least 5 minutes, please DO NOT enter anything during this time.  At some point it will ask for a username and password, do not enter anything, just wait until the phone completes its reboot cycles. 

The phone will then be provisioned via the Zoom Phone zero touch provisioning process (ZTP).
*Note that it will  take at least 5 minutes for the phone to boot up.