IMCS Signature / Request Authorization

The IMCS Authorization and Signature database is used by IMCS to verify what authorizations an individual has when making requests of IMCS and to verify the physical signature used on any IMCS paper forms.


Types of Authorization


Department Head:

For the purposes of IMCS authorization this term is used synonymously with Dean, Director, VP and other similar high level authorities. Department Heads can sign any IMCS forms and make requests to IMCS. They can also designate a Department Head Alternate (see Department Head Alternate below).

Adding a Department Head: If you are a Department Head and need to be in the IMCS Authorized Database please complete the ‘signature auth form’  and send the scanned doc to IMCS at,, or

Department Head Alternate:

This is a person designated by the Department Head to have signature and request authorization similar to that of the Department Head (in reference to IMCS). Department Head Alternates can sign most IMCS forms and make requests directly to IMCS. This title is exclusive to IMCS and does not extend authority to other areas of the university.

Adding a Department Head Alternate: If you require authorization as a Department Head Alternate then please complete the ‘signature auth form’  and send the scanned doc to IMCS at,, or

OU Admin:

The Organizational Unit Administrator (OU Admin) manages Active Directory objects in a given ("hokies") OU. Being designated an OU Admin allows that person to make OU specific requests to IMCS and grants access permissions in Active Directory. These permissions include but are not limited to:

Adding an OU Administrator: To add an OU Admin to the IMCS Authorized Database an valid Department Head or Department Head Alternate must submit an incident through 4help. Please make sure the request includes the following information:

IMCS can also add an OU Admin at their discretion.