Installing Granta EduPack for Students


This software must be purchased before a license and download is made available. To order student software, please visit How to Purchase: Student and place an online order.

VPN NOTE: This software requires you to either be on the Virginia Tech campus network or connected to the VPN in order to access the license server. Please ensure you are either on the Virginia Tech network or have installed and enabled the VPN by following the instructions at Downloading, Installing and Connecting to Remote Access VPN in Windows prior to installing and using Granta EduPack.


  1. Access Network Software and login using your VT Username (PID) and passphrase.
  2. Click Granta Software to expand the menu and click Granta CES EduPack 2022 R2 Download.
  3. After accepting the licensing terms, make note of the License Server Hostname, which will be used during installation, and then click Download to download the installer.
  4. When the download is complete, locate the downloaded GrantaEduPack2022R2.exe file on your computer and double-click it to begin extraction.
  5. When the installer window opens, review the licensing terms and click I agree to accept them.
  6. Now, enter the License Server Hostname you obtained in step 3 in the Server (master) text box and click Continue.
  7. Choose your user interface language and click Continue to proceed.
  8. Select the databases you would like to install, leave the default installation location, and click Install to begin the installation.
  9. When the installation completes, click Finish to exit the installer.
  10. If you see the error message below about "Licensing Error: Failover feature" when opening Granta Edupack, it likely means you are not connected to the Pulse Secure VPN or on a campus network. Instructions for connecting to the VPN can be found in Downloading, Installing and Connecting to Remote Access VPN in Windows.

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