Parallels Pre-built Virtual Machine - Installation Instructions

Access to Windows virtualization rights must be purchased before a license and download for the Parallels pre-built image is made available. To order the Windows Virtualization Add-on License, please visit and place an online order.





Downloading and Importing the Pre-built Image

This virtual machine image requires Parallels, which is not sold by the Virginia Tech Software Service Center but is available through the Virginia Tech Bookstore as well as third party retailers. Before proceeding, ensure that you have purchased and installed Parallels.

1. Access and login using your VT PID and password. Select Virtual Software and then choose, Virtual Machine Windows 10 Education (21H1) with Office 365 for Parallels.

2. Review and accept the licensing terms, and then click the Download to begin the download.

3. Once the download is complete, double click the downloaded file to begin the import process.

Double click the .ova file


4. You will be asked if the image was copied or moved. Click the Copied button to ensure proper operation.

Click the Copied button


5. Now, click the Parallels icon in the menu bar (two parallel lines) and select Control Center.

Click the Parallels icon in the menu bar and select Control Center


6. When the Control Center opens, click the power icon for the Windows 10 (21H1) with Microsoft Office VM. This will begin the import process.
    NOTE: This process can take 30 - 60 minutes to complete.

Click the power icon for the Windows 10 VM


7. Once the virtual machine is finished importing, click the power icon to start Windows.

Click the power icon

Activating Windows and Office

1. When Windows loads, you will see a shortcut named Activate Windows on the desktop. Right click the shortcut and select Run as administrator to start activation.

Right click Activate Windows and click Run as administrator


2. You will see two pop ups during the activation process (as shown below). When each notification windows pops up, click the OK button.

Click OK on the two popups


3. When Windows activation is complete, the Activate Windows shortcut will disappear from the desktop.

4. On the first launch of any of the Office applications, you'll be asked to Sign In.

Click Sign In


5. In the sign in window, enter your VT Email Address in the Email, phone, or Skype field and click Sign In. You will then be taken to the VT login portal where you will sign in using your password and 2 factor authentication method.

Enter your VT email address and click Next

Note: If you are asked whether this is a "Work or School Account" or a "Personal Account", select Work or School Account to continue


6. Uncheck the Allow my organization to manage my device check box, and then click No, sign in to this app only to complete activation.

Uncheck the box and click No, sign in to this app only