Understanding Google Meet Companion Mode


This article will detail what Google Meet Companion Mode is and how you can use it.


What Is Companion Mode in Google Meet?

Companion Mode is designed for meetings held within a hybrid workplace where some people may be online, and some people may be together in a physical location. People who are in a physical location can join the virtual meeting through a secondary device using Companion Mode. When entering a meeting through Companion Mode, Google will automatically disable your speaker, microphone, and camera peripherals to avoid feedback or bandwidth problems.

Within Companion Mode, you can access all of the tools that the virtual attendees would normally have. This includes a whiteboard feature, screen sharing, captioning, conducting polls, participating in polls, raising your hand, recording meetings, and creating breakout rooms. To utilize this function properly, each person in the physical location needs to join the meeting in Companion Mode. However, because the speakers and microphones will not work in Companion Mode, one device will need to join the meeting normally so the physical location can have meeting audio.

How to Access Companion Mode

  1. Visit Google Meet Companion to join a meeting in Companion Mode.
  2. Enter a meeting code or nickname.
  3. Click Start Companion.