PDF Remediation Tool - How to use the PDF Document and Remediation Platform (PREP)


The PDF Document and Remediation Platform (PREP) is a cloud-based PDF remediation platform that simplifies and accelerates PDF remediation to ensure accessible communications among people with disabilities using assistive technology such as screen magnifiers, screen readers, and alternative computer input devices. PREP can assist any VT employee in creating PDFs compliant with VT Policy 7215 through time-saving automation integrated within the platform.

PREP can assist in PDF remediation for making your PDF documents accessible and ADA-compliant, ensuring ALL users have access to content regardless of perceived disabilities. 

Please watch this brief introduction to PREP PDF remediation platform for an overview of the platform. 


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Why Use PDF?

The creation of a Portable Document Format (PDF), was and is a step forward in making information broadly available. When creating new content, we encourage best practices and proactively design PDF documents to address the related digital accessibility challenges. We also encourage the use of alternative formats of documents, such as Microsoft Word or HTML, for increased accessibility. If the digital accessibility challenges in PDF persist, the PDF Document and Remediation Platform (PREP) can play a remediating role in making your PDF document accessible.

PREP accelerates the learning curve in making complex documents accessible by limiting the need for manual decision-making during remediation and incorporating existing approaches and best practices in accessible document design. This software will help our faculty or staff in creating accessible educational materials for use across various instructional environments. Specifically, PREP is featured with:

  • Sophisticated AI-based auto-tag detection for PDF document remediation.
  • Ability to tag nested lists and table of contents (ToC).
  • Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) mode to recognize documents with poor quality or complex structures accurately, which helps remediate scanned documents.
  • A cloud-based platform, making access available from any Mac and Windows computer or tablets with connection to the internet. 

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Requesting Access to PREP

  1. Fill out the PREP Sign-up form located on Google Forms.
  2. After you request access to the PREP, Accessible Technologies will generate your custom invitation link with login credentials within 48 hours.

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Logging into PREP

  1. Go to the PREP platform.
  2. Type in your login credentials from your PREP invitation link and click Sign In.
    • If you've forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link on the login screen to reset your password.

Changing Your Password

  1. From the PREP dashboard, hover over the left side of the PREP dashboard to pull up the menu options.
  2. Click on the profile icon to bring up your profile settings.

  3. Click on the CHANGE PASSWORD tab to create a new password, then click Change Password.

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Getting Started with Basic Remediation

  1. From the PREP dashboard, hover over the left side of the PREP dashboard to pull up the menu options.
  2. Click on File Upload to pull up the File Upload interface.

  3. Choose your file or drag and drop the file into the upload box.

  4. Click Upload File. You can locate your files under PDF FILES on your dashboard.

  5. When the uploaded file has the Ready to Remediate status, click on the PDF document title to access the Home page of the PDF document with automatic tags.

  6. Adjust the document using the function buttons on the Home page of the PDF before exporting it.

    The function buttons are on the right navigation bar. The export button is on the top navigation tool bar.

Please take a look at the documentation below for resources to assist you with navigating the PREP dashboard and start using the remediation and tagging processes.

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Getting Help



Training & Support

Recommended training:

Support options:

  1. On the PREP platform, click the question mark in the top navigation menu to pull up the HELP options:
    • Use Search for help to find articles about your topic.
    • Click Contact us to submit a screenshot and description of your question.
      • Ticket severity will be decided by the individual submitting the query to the PREP team. PREP support will:
        • Respond according to the user priority level and will categorize it as High, Medium, or Low priority.
        • Validate the ticket within 24 hours with the estimated time to fix or with a solution.
        • Send a confirmation email to you that includes the severity level. Based on the level, you will receive a response in these time windows:
          • Severity Level 1 (High Priority): 1 business day
          • Severity Level 2 (Medium Priority): 2-3 business days
          • Severity Level 3 (Low Priority): 3-4 business
  2. For live vendor assistance, please use the PREP Live Help Desk calendar to set up an appointment on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

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