File Sharing with OneDrive for Business


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Uploading a File or Folder to OneDrive for Business

  1. Log into the Office Portal.
  2. Select the OneDrive app.

  3. Select Upload to add to the OneDrive.

  4. Choose to upload a file or a folder. Then choose the desired item from the chosen directory.

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Sharing a File or Folder Using OneDrive for Business

  1. Select the file to share from the list.
  2. Select the Share button near the top of the window or the Share icon located beside the file or folder that is being shared.


  3. Enter the email addresses of the people that should be getting access to the file.

  4. A shareable link can be created clicking the Copy Link button or an Outlook email may be sent with the link in the body by clicking the Outlook button.

  5. To change the sharing options of the file/folder that is being shared, click the box located above the field (It may say "Anyone with the link can edit" by default).

  6. From here, sharing access settings can be changed. The file can also be changed between being editable read-only and the link can be set to expire. Once the changes have been made, click Apply to go back to the previous window.

  7. To access more advanced options, back out, right click on the shared item, and select Manage Access.

  8. On this window, specific access can be edited. Sharing can be stopped completely, the generated link can be copied, and direct access for specific people can be given.
  9. Click on the Plus Button to the right of "Direct Access".

  10. Here, the same as before can be edited, but here, each individual may be given different levels of access to interact with the item (Can view or can edit). An optional message can be sent to each person or choose and there is an option to not send a notification email. Click Grant Access at the bottom of the window once the desired changes have been made.

  11. If a user has been added by accident, click the "X" beside the name of who should not have access the file/folder.

  12. Enter a brief message that will be sent to all users that were entered in the field (optional).

  13. Select the Send button.

For additional information on using OneDrive for Business, visit Share OneDrive Files and Folder.

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