Timely MD (TimelyCare) Tele-Mental Health Support for Students and Employees


On behalf of member institutions of the Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and Virginia Commonwealth University have entered into a system-wide agreement for tele-health and tele-mental health services with TimelyMD. TimelyMD is the leading virtual health and well-being resource for institutions of higher education. While TimelyMD does off a tele-health option, Virginia Tech has only purchased the TimelyCare Mental Health options at this time. Our three offerings through Timelycare are: 24/7 TalkNow; Scheduled Counseling Appointments 24/7; and Health Coaching.  We are not contracted to do TeleHealth.  We should be careful not to have telehealth appear as an option. 

TimelyCare is confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant. The service’s app and website comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA. Employee records are confidential and not shared back with Virginia Tech. 

TimelyCare accommodates more than 250 languages and offers translation services.

TimelyCare (also referred to as TimelyMD) serves as a 24/7 virtual extension of campus counseling center resources, with a goal of improving student well-being, engagement and retention. Through TimelyCare on their phone or other device, students can now select from a wide-ranging menu of virtual care options from licensed counselors and mental health providers– at no cost and without the need to bill costs to traditional insurance – including:

  • On-demand mental health support (TalkNow)
  • Appointment-based mental health counseling
  • Psychiatric support
  • Health coaching
  • Care navigation with basic needs
  • Digital self-care content

Students will be encouraged to carry the TimelyCare app on their phones and it will require SSO(single sign on with VT Credentials) Services will be available for students starting in the fall 2022 semester. To learn more, contact Student Affairs at 540-231-6272 or send an email to studentaffairs@vt.edu.

For more information go here: https://vtx.vt.edu/articles/2022/06/unirel-mental-health-support.html

Or here: https://timely.md/for-schools/?creative=457003477818&keyword=timely%20md&matchtype=p&network=g&device=c


The TimelyCare app is officially live right now as of yesterday (Thursday, August 11, 2022).  However, our public announcements will begin next Thursday (Thursday, August 18, 2022). But the answer to the question is yes, a student can use today.



4Help will support users (both employees and students) who have technical issues:

The self service and phone number contact information for 4Help will be provided for technical support on the app.


In the event that an individual is having log in issues: 


  • Issues with SSO will be the most common reason a person will contact 4help, who will handle resolving this issue just like any other service that requires SSO. 
  • 4Help should confirm the user is in fact eligible based on checking the user's affiliations in DAT. 
    • To qualify for TimelyCare, a user must have specific affiliations which make them eligible to be able to log into TimelyCare.  
      • For students, a student must have one of the following affiliations to be able to log in:
        • VT-STUDENT-ENROLLED (An individual enrolled in a class for the current term at Virginia Tech.)
        •  VT-STUDENT-FUTURE (An individual who is enrolled in classes for a future term at Virginia Tech.)
      • For employees, they must have one of the following affiliations to be able to log in:
        • VT-EMPLOYEE-STATE (Employee of the State of Virginia)
          • VT STAFF specifies that they are a Staff member at Virginia Tech
          • VT-FACULTY specifies they are a Faculty member at Virginia Tech
        • VT-EMPLOYEE-WAGE (Non-Student Wage worker)
      • The user must have affiliations which either show them as being a student or an employee under the eduPerson(s) Affiliations column in the following document:


        Per Kevin Rooney, this is the process that TimelyCare uses for verification of who is eligible to log into Timely Care. If it says "Affiliate" under eduPerson Affiliation(s), then that user is not eligible and will not be able to log into TimelyCare. They will get an error message that says "Something went wrong - There was an issue processing your login request".

    • This service is NOT available unless the user is an actively enrolled student or active employee.
    • TimelyCare is available to all actively enrolled students (undergrad and graduate), Full-Time Faculty, Staff, and Non-Student Wage Employees.  Again, students must be enrolled.

4help can and should escalate to help@timely.md if they have other issues such as the system itself being down

***VCOM students are not eligible for TimelyCare/Timely MD. VCOM is separate from VT. VCOM has their own admissions/registrar; doesn’t flow through VT. Therefore, VCOM students are not eligible for TimelyCare.***


Information Resources to Send to Employees:

Employee Registration Instructions - https://www.hr.vt.edu/content/dam/hr_vt_edu/benefits/optional-benefits/TimelyCareRegistration.pdf 

Employee FAQ for Timely Care - https://www.hr.vt.edu/content/dam/hr_vt_edu/benefits/optional-benefits/TimelyCareFAQs.pdf

HR Benefits Page for Employees Concerning TimelyCare - https://www.hr.vt.edu/benefits/optional-benefits/mental-wellness/timelycare.html


Information Resources to Send to Students:

TimelyCare Instructions and FAQs: https://ucc.vt.edu/timelycare.html

Contact Information for TimelyCare:

Employees can contact Hokie Wellness at hokiewellness@vt.edu for more information or questions about TimelyCare.