Migrating or Moving Your Exchange Online Email to VT Gmail in Outlook


This article describes how to migrate or move email from an Exchange Online account to a VT Gmail account in Outlook for Windows.


  1. Verify that you are not part of International Trade and Research (ITAR). If you are part of ITAR, see Using Email with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for more information.
  2. Disable forwarding, and make an archive back-up.
    1. Disable your email forwarding by following the instructions on the Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account page, under the Turn automatic forwarding on or off heading.
    2. Create a backup Personal Folder File (.pst) of your entire Exchange account, and save it to your computer. For help, see this Knowledge Base article (KB0012420).
  3. Close Outlook to avoid importing duplicate items.
  4. Download Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook.

    1. Go to the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft® Outlook® (GSMMO) Web page.
    2. Click the Download GSMMO button.

    3. If prompted, save the file to your computer.
  5. When the download is complete, run the program that you just downloaded.
    1. In Windows File Explorer, double-click the OutlookMigrationSetup icon.

      Double-click the OutlookMigrationSetup.exe icon.

    2. If prompted by a user account control window, click the Yes button. The installer will automatically run.
  6. Once the installation is complete, enter your credentials.
    1. When prompted, in the Email address: text box, type: ABC@vt.edu but replace ABC with your VT Username.

    2. Clear the Remember me check box.

    3. Click the Continue button.

    4. In the browser window that opens, select your VT G Suite for Education account. 

    5. If required, login using the VT Sign in page and your VT username and passphrase.

    6. To agree to the required permissions, at the bottom of the list, click the Allow button.

  7. Select your PST file.

    1. In the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook window, uncheck the Use my most recent migration settings check box.

    2. Under Select a Microsoft Outlook user profile or PST files to migrate, from the drop-down list, select From PST File(s)....

    3. Select the PST file you created earlier.
    4. Click the Open button.

    5. Select the Migrate only new data radio button.

    6. Click the Next button.

  8. Choose types of items to be migrated.

    1. Place a check in the check box(es) corresponding to the types of data that you want to migrate.

    2. Click the Migrate button.

  9. If prompted because the PST file is password protected:

    1. In the Password text box, type the password for the PST file.
    2. Click OK.
  10. When the migration is finished, click OK.
  11. Click the Close button.

If you chose to migrate your entire Exchange Online account, then multiple folders will appear in Gmail with names that have the following pattern: Name of PST file.pst/Name of Exchange folder.

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