Transferring Photos from Your VT Google Photos Storage to a Personal Google Account


VT Google Photos has been disabled for the university. VT Google Photos is not considered a core service within VT Google Workspace for Education's license. Therefore, if you store any photos in Google Photos using your VT Google account, you should transfer them using the instructions below to a personal Google account. After you've completed the steps below, you must remove all of your photos within your VT Google Photos storage to the trash so they will be deleted automatically within 60 days.



I received an error while trying to use Google Transfer

The following error, "Transfer your content is only available to authorized G Suite for Education accounts. Please contact your administrator, or sign in with another Google Account." is likely due to a conflict between being logged into a account and a account in the same browser. Use incognito/private window or two separate browsers to conduct the transfer.

Disable Photos Backup on your Phone

  1. Navigate to Back up photos & videos - iPhone & iPad - Google Photos Help
  2. Select the Android or iPhone & iPad tab
  3. Follow the directions in the "Turn backup on or off" section 

Transfer Photos to a Personal Google Account via Partner Sharing

  1. Set up partner sharing between your VT Google Workspace account and a personal Google account.
    1. Your personal Google account is considered the partner.
    2. You must go into your personal Google account and approve the request.
    3. From your personal Google account, follow Google's instructions in the Save your partner's photos expandable section to add the photos in your VT Google Workspace account to your personal account.
    4. Delete all photos from your VT Google storage by moving them to Trash. They will be deleted in 60 days.

Download Files to a Location of Your Choice

  1. Navigate to Google Photos.
  2. Log in using your email address.
  3. Select the checkbox in the upper left corner of your first photo. Hold down the Shift key and navigate to the last photo you want to download. Select that photo's checkbox, and release the Shift key. This will select all photos in between those two photos.
  4. To download your images into a Zip file, press Shift-D, or click the blue vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner (next to the trash icon) and click Download.
  5. A Zip file of all selected photos will download to your local device.
  6. Upon confirmation that the download is complete, move all photos stored in your VT Google account to Trash so they will be deleted in 60 days.

Delete Photos once Verified

Once you have verified that the photos are successfully exported, you still need to delete them from the Photos app. Each photo has to be selected and then deleted. However, there are some methods that make selecting all of your photos easier.

  1. Select a photo by clicking the white checkmark at its top-left corner, turning it blue.
  2. Scrolling down to the last photo, and then press and hold the Shift key and select the last photo, turning all photos checks blue.


  1. You can also select all photos grouped under a particular date by clicking on the date.
  2. You can select multiple dates, and the number of selected photos will show up at the top-left corner of the page.

Once all the photos are selected, click the trashcan icon in the upper right to delete.



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