Understanding the Confidential Anonymous Student Hokies Account


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Why is my Hokies ID username in the form anon######? Why is my Hokies account anonymous?

Students who use the Virginia Tech Account Manager to enable student confidentiality and mark their entire student record as confidential will be assigned a Hokies ID with the username in the format of anon######. If you set your account to confidential, the data in your Hokies account will immediately be hidden from view, and you will receive an automated email confirmation.

What are the impacts of being confidential?

Students who mark themselves as confidential change their Virginia Tech username to anon###### within the Microsoft 365 (M365) environment. That means emails sent to them, invites sent to them, adding them to applications such as Microsoft Teams must use the anon###### email. They cannot possess an Exchange Online mailbox, and it effectively breaks/disrupts most collaborative services in M365 for the student. Word and Excel will work just fine but collaborating with an anonymized student becomes less simple.

I forgot my anon username.

If you are a student and you forgot your anonymous Hokies ID username, submit a 4Help ticket by clicking Get Help at the top of the page.

I am faculty or staff. How do I determine who anon###### is?

You must be Virginia Tech faculty or staff to do this. Graduate and undergraduate students will have to contact Virginia Tech faculty or staff for assistance.

If you receive a SharePoint invitation or request for access from an anonymous ID, to find out who that person is:

  1. Go to the http://onecampus.vt.edu Web page.
  2. If the page appears dark with text overlaid, click the page to dismiss the overlaid text.
  3. If any OneCampus announcements pop-up, after reading the text, click the appropriate button to dismiss the pop-up.
  4. To the right of the OneCampus logo, in the What would you like to do? search box, type: admin

  5. On the keyboard, press the Enter or Return key.
  6. Click the ADAdmin task icon.

  7. If prompted, log on with your Hokies ID (which is the same as your VT Username) and password.
    (If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions at Change or Reset Hokies Password via Account Manager.)
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete authentication with your second factor.
  9. In the left menu column, click the Persons menu.

    Image of Click the Persons menu.

  10. In the left menu column, click the View Other Person link.

  11. Above the Person: search box, select the Confidential Search tab.

    Image of the Confidential Search tab highlighted, which is to the right of the Hokies ID Search tab

  12. After carefully reading the FERPA agreement, click the Accept button.

    Image of the warning about FERPA regulations in the dialog box with the Accept button highlighted

  13. In the Person: text box, type the anonymous Hokies ID username or the PID of the person you want to find.

  14. Click the Search button.

    Image of the Person text box and Search button highlighted in the ADadmin Confidential Search window

  15. In the search results, you can view the VT Username, anonymous Hokies ID, and name of the person in the third, fourth, and fifth columns.

    Image of the search results highlighted

  16. When you are finished, log out of ADAdmin.

I am an organizational unit (OU) admin. How do I determine who anon###### is?

  1. Log into the CAT.
  2. Enter the anonymous username to search for in the search box at the upper right.
  3. Click on Search.