Accessing a Google Workspace Account after Leaving Virginia Tech


This article explains what will happen to your VT Google Workspace account when you are no longer associated with Virginia Tech.


You will not have access to your VT Google Workspace account once you are no longer affiliated with Virginia Tech unless you are an alum or a retiree before June 2023. For additional details, please see Google and Microsoft Service Changes at Virginia Tech | Division of Information Technology | Virginia Tech (

If your only affiliation is employee, then you lose access to your VT Google account once you are no longer affiliated with the university. Your access will last for 18 months after loss of affiliation. You will receive several emails before your account expires. It is your responsibility to ensure that any emails are forwarded, and data is downloaded or provided to your department before this window expires.

We are limited in our ability to reopen an account past this 18-month window. If you have a business reason, please have your department open a ticket with 4Help. If you have a personal reason, your only recourse is via our eDiscovery process which is can only be initiated by specific approved groups at the university such as the VT Police Department or University Legal Counsel.