Pulse Secure Client Upgrade 9.1R12 (9.1.12) FAQ

1. When will the new version be available?

  The new version of the client will be available on September 16, 2021.

2.  Which versions are currently affected? 

  Any Pulse Secure Client below 9.1.12 is affected by this. 

 3. Which Pulse Secure clients are not affected?
4. Why is the upgrade required?

 A security vulnerability was discovered within a Pulse Secure client-side component. By exploiting this vulnerability, a restricted user on an endpoint machine can obtain administrative privilege.

 The new client will also support Mac OS Big Sur.

5. How can the security vulnerability be mitigated? 

 Upgrade the client to 9.1.12. This is the most up-to-date version. 

6. How can I upgrade the client?

On September 16, 2021, when users login onto the VPN, they will be prompted to upgrade. This will be optional until October 12. If a user chooses not to upgrade immediately, they can simply click ‘Cancel.’ Automatic upgrades are only supported for Windows and Mac Users. 

Linux users who use the Pulse Client must download the installer package available from the link below and install it manually. Linux users who use Open Connect client software are currently not affected and doesn't need any changes at this time. 

Linux Download and Install

7. I was not prompted for an automatic upgrade. Why?

It can take up to a couple of minutes for the upgrade prompt to be displayed. If it doesn’t, try disconnecting and reconnecting again. If you still don’t see an upgrade prompt, please move forward with the manual install using an installer. See Q9 for instructions.

8. Does the upgrade require administrator privileges on the device?

Testing with Windows OS reveals that the automatic upgrade does not require administrator rights. Mac OS users may experience different results depending on how permissions on their computers are set up. Your departmental IT support person should be able to assist in determining whether you have the permissions required.

9. I tried the automatic upgrade and it failed. What do I do now?

Try manually upgrading the client using the installers. You can download the new installers from the links below:

Windows: Windows Download and Install

 Mac OS: MacOS Download and Install 

10. After the install process I don’t see an “install successful” screen. How do I know if the install is successful?

 In some cases (especially for Windows), the installation finishes without a prompt. In this case you need to verify the client version to ensure the install is complete. You can do this by opening Pulse Secure Client. On Windows you can find the version under “Help → About”; on MacOS you can find this under “Pulse Secure  → About Pulse Secure”. The version number will be displayed as “9.1.12 ”



11. What happens after October 12 if I am still on versions below 9.1R12 (9.1.12)?

We will be enforcing this strictly from October 12 and anyone with client versions below 9.1R12 for Windows/Mac and for Linux will not be allowed to access VPN until the client is upgraded. 

If you tried these options, but are still having issues, contact VT 4Help at (540) 231-4357 or open an incident ticket at 4help.vt.edu