Verifying Courses / Instructors in SPOT


Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) Evaluations are run using Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES), formerly EvaluationKIT, an external tool that is on Canvas.

This article pertains to verifying your courses and instructors in SPOT as an administrator or instructor. For other topics pertaining to SPOT Evaluations, please refer to the main article, Using SPOT - Guide for Department Administrators and Instructors. For student resources, see Using SPOT - Guide for Students.



Verifying Courses in SPOT

  1. Navigate to the Course Evaluations & Survey site and log in. See Logging in and Viewing Courses in SPOT if you'd like to log in through Canvas.
    • If you are in instructor mode, it will list the courses that you are an instructor in.
    • If you are in administrator mode, it will list the courses in your department.
  2. Verify they are correct.
    • If they are correct, do nothing. SPOTs will run automatically.
    • If they are not correct and you are an instructor, contact your SPOT department administrator. 
    • If they are not correct and you are a department administrator, see Fixing Missing Evaluation/Course Excluded from SPOT.

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Determining Instructors in SPOT

Anyone who has a Teacher role in a course's official Canvas site will be listed as an instructor in SPOT. There are two ways to add Teachers to Canvas sites.

  1. If someone is listed as an instructor of record with the registrar, they are automatically assigned a Teacher role in the course's Canvas site, whether or not they use Canvas.
  2. Another Teacher in Canvas adds them to the course's Canvas site using the +People tool.

Only Teachers in official course sites will be evaluated in SPOT. SPOT only gets its enrollment information from official course sites. SPOT will not run for a course if:

  1. An instructor created a manual course site that they are using to teach.
  2. An instructor cross-listed the official Canvas site under a manual course site.

If you remove an instructor of record from a Canvas site, the next time Canvas updates with data from Banner, the instructor of record will be added back as a Teacher. 

If you remove a Teacher who's not an instructor of record from a Canvas course site and they are not an instructor of record from Banner and the registrar, SPOT will be updated the following day.

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