COE - How to Sign In to OneDrive



This tutorial will guide you through the process of signing in to your Virginia Tech OneDrive for the first time. If you run into any issues, please reach out to the Engineering Dean's Office IT Support team.



Sign In to OneDrive

  1. Begin by typing the word OneDrive into your taskbar's search box at the bottom of your screen, until the OneDrive App appears.→ Click Open. (You can also click on the gray cloud icon in your taskbar to open OneDrive, if it is present.) 
  • (If the OneDrive App doesn't appear at all after you've typed it into your search box, contact IT to make sure that OneDrive is installed on your device properly.)

A taskbar search for the OneDrive app

  1. Enter your email address and click Sign In.→ Click Work or school.

OneDrive sign in window

  1. If a Microsoft window opens that says: 'We need a little more help,' select the Work or school account option.→ You will be prompted to sign in again using the Virginia Tech 2-Factor Authentication Sign In page.

Microsoft choose account type window

  1. When the window displays: 'Allow Organization to Manage Device,' check the box.→ Click Okay, and OneDrive will sign in.→ Click Done.
  2. Your OneDrive Folder window will open (If at this point you want to change the location of your OneDrive folder, to a D: Drive, etc., click Change Location.)→ Click Next.

OneDrive folder window

  1. In the Back up folders on this PC window, Deanery Faculty and Staff will unselect all of the backup options (Documents, Pictures, and Desktop), or select I'll do it later.→ Click Next.→ Click Next.

OneDrive 'back up folders' window

  1. The All your files, ready and on-demand window will explain the different storage options that OneDrive implements. You will want all your files to be displayed as Online-only.→ Click Next.

OneDrive's 'Files on Demand' explanation window

  1. When prompted to download the mobile app, decline the download.→ Click Take me to my OneDrive Folder.

Best Practices

  • Sign in to your Virginia Tech OneDrive account on your WORK DEVICE ONLY. The Deanery computers are configured so that sensitive data is not stored locally.
  • If you must access these files from a personal device, access them using→ Sign in using your email address.→ Sign in using the Virginia Tech 2-Factor Authentication Sign In page. 
  • In the top left corner, click the app launcher drop-down menu.→ Click OneDrive.
  • You now have access to your personal OneDrive.→ Click My Files. From here you can access personal files in your OneDrive, along with any Microsoft Teams shortcuts you've added.