Zoom Phone Provisioning Procedures

  1. The customer can order supported phones through HokieMart specifying Converge One as the supplier or by purchasing through a vendor of their choice as long as the supplier or vendor is willing to send the MAC addresses for the phones to NI&S. 

  2. The vendor will then fulfill the order and provide NI&S with a list that includes (at a minimum) the manufacturer, model number, and MAC address.

  3. Next, NI&S will import the MAC addresses into the Zoom Phone system as unassigned devices. 

  4. The service manager will assign the device to the user and/or extension via the customer portal. This ability will be added to the portal around the time that physical phones will be supported. 

  5. The user, service manager, or IT support will plug the phone into the network outlet. It is important that this is done AFTER the MAC address is added to avoid having to perform a factory reset on the phone.
  6. Once the phone is plugged in, it will reboot multiple times and also ask for a username and password. You do not need to enter anything, just wait until the phone completes its reboot cycles. 

    The phone will then be provisioned via the Zoom Phone zero touch provisioning process (ZTP)
    *Note that it takes approximately 4 minutes for the phone to boot up.