Hokies Account (Active Directory) Cleanup / Deprovisioning


What happens to users' Active Directory credentials when they lose eligibility? What happens if a user regains eligibility? When will I be notified if I lose eligibility for Active Directory credentials? What about Exchange mailboxes?


Virginia Tech does clean up Active Directory credentials (and all associated access) after users are no longer eligible for those credentials. The cleanup process runs daily and will take the following actions:

Hokies Users: Users who have a Hokies account/Exchange mailbox will get notifications that their account will be shut down in 2 weeks. Three separate notifications will be sent at 2 weeks, 1 week, and 1 day before deletion. After the two weeks, the Hokies account will be deleted. If during the 2 week period the user regains an eligible affiliation or becomes sponsored, they will be removed from the process list and will no longer be deleted.