Reviewing Purchases and Subscriptions Made with Your VT Google Account


This article describes how to review apps and purchases associated with your VT Google Account.


There are a variety of places where you can look to determine this information. It may be that you must look in more than one location to ensure that you get all the information available to you.

  • To determine if you are using your VT Google account to authenticate with any 3rd party apps or sites, see KB0013756.
  • To determine if you have purchased or subscribed to any items in Google Play using your account
    1. Log into your Google Account dashboard at  Google Dashboard.
    2. Scroll down to the Google Play section.
    3. Click on the Google Play
    4. Click on your Avatar
    5. Click Settings
      1. Payments and Subscriptions. The Subscriptions and Budget & Order History tabs within this section will help you understand some of the purchases made with your VT Google account. The subscriptions you can cancel and then subscribe with another account.
        1. Additional information about Subscriptions can be found at Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play - Android - Google Play Help
      2. Library: This is another location where you can review apps, books, and video purchases.
  • Generally, Google does not allow you to transfer content between accounts. Please see for more information. However, Google does provide a mechanism where they will consider transferring content. Virginia Tech does not have any authority in the process except to get you started. Please submit a 4Help ticket if you would like to request to transfer content.