Removing Formatting to the Default Text Style in VT Gmail


This article illustrates the steps to remove formatting and/or revert to the default text style for VT Gmail email message text and signature.


  1. In your browser, log on to VT Gmail by following the instructions at Accessing Virginia Tech (VT) Gmail in a Browser.
  2. Once logged on, under the Virginia Tech logo, in the left menu column:
    1. Below your name or account picture, click the Settings icon, which is represented by a gear.

    2. From the from-down list, select Settings.

    3. To the right of Default text style: above This is what your body text will look like., click the Remove formatting button, which is represented by a “T” with a slash through it.

    4. To the right of Signature: if a signature is selected, below the signature text box, click the More formatting button.

    5. Click the Remove formatting button which is represented by a “T” with a slash through it.

    6. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    7. Click the Save Changes button.